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Latest Myth Of Soma News

Saving Santa. Saving Christmas

by ISYLVER // 20/12/2014 14:24:23 // 11 comments
Santa is in trouble. One of his beloved reindeers has been kidnapped by Gorshak who knows what has happened to it. To make matters worse some of his elves have been caught thieving presents. Read More

Legendary.. Gorshak isn't happy.

by ISYLVER // 06/12/2014 08:32:35 // 7 comments
After mighty warrior Microstar found the first Legendary item Gorshak has sent more fiends to settle the score. Including 100s of hours quests a new boss minion and a new upgrade. Read More

Halloween event removal and some updates

by ISYLVER // 10/11/2014 06:54:00 // 8 comments
It's that time of year where sadly we have to wave goodbye to the vampires. Meister Spell will still be ingame to collect your remaining letters. Read More