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Myth Of Soma Guide

Myth of Soma History


A Brief History

The Myth of soma was released in 2001 by GameNetwork at this time the game was popular and broadcast almost constantly on the GameNetwork sky channel.

The game although popular never really recieved the attention or time it needed to grow further. It was this and a combination of unfortunate hackings that happened in late 2008 led to its demise.

More About The Game

The Myth of Soma Blade Of Heaven is a remake of the traditional game with added features and game satisfaction. The game places you in a fight on the side of the Human or Devil army in their constant struggle to maintain control of the Continental Army Area.

Hunt with your friends in a guild to complete the many quests available, discovering many treasures along the way or play by yourself to show your solidity

The Myth Of Soma allows you and your guild to partake in guild wars and fight for the various territories throughout the soma lands.

Not a fan of hunting? there's many other ways to earn your keep in the lands of soma. Become a treasured crafter and sell your worldly goods, farm goods and sell them on for a profit or just loiter around the warehouse and chat to the locals.

SomaDev Team

Who are SomaDev?

SomaDev are a team of voluntary interface designers and software engineers who have had experience with The Myth of Soma in the past including doing work on the old GameNetwork server.

The team at SomaDev have done work to ensure that The Myth Of Soma is restored back to its glory days with better security, added features and a more optimistic view on the game.

Sounds good, how can i help?

SomaDev are always looking for talented individuals with enthusiasm to help with the project or just post their ideas, if you have some suggestions or feel you could help visit the forums