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Guild Village War Guide

Guild Village War The Myth of Soma Blade Of Heaven

The Guild Village War

This is a weekly event that occurs in The Myth Of Soma for two hours where guilds from each race fight each other to gain access to the Guild Village. Winning this shows which guilds are the strongest and the village itself has many features that are worth fighting for.


How it Works

While participating in the Guild Village War your Name and Guild name will be constantly displayed above your characters head to prevent players attacking their own guild members as Guild Village Wars can become a dangerous place very fast.


The entrance of the Guild Village will become blocked with Stone Pillars which prevent access until broken. Many players will defend the Guild Village at this point and try to suppress opposing forces trying to invade and take the Guild village for themselves.


Stone Guards are situated around the area of the Guild Village which will attack all characters except those who own the Guild Village.The inside of the Guild Hall contains one stone, the Guild with a character standing on the stone when it ends wins. Due to this being the only stone, battles are concentrated in a small area and require a great amount of teamwork to become the Guild Village victors.


Guild Village Features

The Guild Village has many features which are useful for a varied amount of situations. There are shops and facilities located all over the Guild Village which only the Guild Village victors can use. This can be very useful while out hunting. You can quickly get to the Guild Village by typing /return.Inside the Guild Hall is the Guild Stone. If you are on the Council of the Guild you can use the useful abilities from the stone.


All members of the Guild Council can use the Trace ability. This is useful to get to the various locations of soma quickly, although it can only be used on people who are in your Guild. The leader of the Guild can also recall their members. This is the opposite of trace and warps the character to the location of the Guild Master. This can be used to get guild members out of sticky situations.


There are many roles a character can play at the Guild Village War, it's all on you...