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Myth of Soma Account Management

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ASURA Myth Of Soma Armory


Here you will find all the information about ASURA guild, you can filter players by clicking on the various headers i.e. to filter by pos click the pos header.

Name Pos Rank
BABO7 5958 leader
TTORU 13000 coleader
HAYA 7321 coleader
RULES -485 coleader
SANGCEO 464 board
CANTATA 3300 board
DAISO 0 member
DOOR 800 member
GODGOD 1073 member
HANGING 6680 member
BLUEMOON 4109 member
_CEARMPIE_ 589 member
AMAZON -130 member
AVENGERS -510 member
ILEGAL 50 member
MAGOONI -1350 member
NINANO 800 member
VANS 1973 member
YA4885 -840 member
YACHT 0 member
SSANA2JJO 29909 member

Guild Pos: 72781