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DarkLegacy Myth Of Soma Armory

DarkLegacy Guild

Here you will find all the information about DarkLegacy guild, you can filter players by clicking on the various headers i.e. to filter by pos click the pos header.

Name Pos Rank
LDXGPK 0 leader
HADOU -2000 coleader
GANDALF 2659 coleader
DEVULA -862 coleader
PAPAPILAS 7314 board
MITCHY -1472 board
MAMBA 2222 board
ASBJORN 1710 board
WILLOW -1500 board
MICKYC -2000 member
MIKEYYB93 10822 member
LINKDX 72331 member
MAIZHIYING 2909 member
N0LEGS 527 member
SHAILO -1550 member
BIGGY 30360 member
CN -145 member
CYROX 5692 member
DEMON 1140 member
DONA 10306 member
DONATELLO 3975 member
EVILCUTE 250 member
GANONPK 41545 member
ACAELUS 5961 member
AQUARIUS -470 member
HAWKMOON 643 member
JHAELIEN 1786 member
KNUTSEL -554 member

Guild Pos: 191599