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Hephaestus Myth Of Soma Armory

Hephaestus Guild

Here you will find all the information about Hephaestus guild, you can filter players by clicking on the various headers i.e. to filter by pos click the pos header.

Name Pos Rank
SHEN -700 leader
CRAWLIN -1600 coleader
HEPWH1 0 coleader
LOGI -50 coleader
ENGINE 0 board
TARESH 0 board
HEPWH2 0 board
NILWARC 0 board
PUREMAGIC 0 member
QABIL 0 member
LORDKING 0 member
AEGIR 0 member
SUICUNAL 0 member
HEPWH3 0 member
HERAZ 0 member
KRAVEN 0 member
LIQUIDICE 0 member
BLANK -50 member
ESSENTIAL 0 member

Guild Pos: -2400