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CHACHAMM Myth Of Soma Armory

CHACHAMM has chosen to make their equipment private as such you will have a limited view of their items.

CHACHAMM human Myth of Soma player
Weapon: Bow, Craft: Armor
Pos: 3750
Gear score: 
Player Feed
  • YABBADABBA defeated CHACHAMM 01 February 2023: 23:57:02
  • CHACHAMM  slayed DEVIL`S GUARD 01 February 2023: 13:32:39
  • CHACHAMM  slayed HARTMAN 01 February 2023: 09:05:14
  • CHACHAMM  slayed SAND CREEPY CRAWLER 01 February 2023: 09:02:00
  • CHACHAMM  slayed DEVIL`S GUARD 01 February 2023: 08:46:46
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