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GHOSTLORD Myth Of Soma Armory

GHOSTLORD devil Myth of Soma player
Weapon: Bow, Craft:
Pos: -140
Gear score: 
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GHOSTLORD Player Comments
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  • BARR Says:
    Id like to have one of my heros armor me
  • BUFFY Says:
    Think I was allowed that Meek one my 1st ever tbh.
  • LION Says:
  • KOREASAI Says:
    Hey is there anyway you can help me retrieve a lost account?
    Hi there, I joined yesterday after a 5 year absence from soma. I was excited to play this morning but my account has been suspended. Why has this happened? My char name is Cassell.
  • Supreme Helm Supreme Helm
    Defense : 5~13
    Weight : 9
    Durability : 10

    Req. Con : 107
  • Operators suit !Humans World's item Operators suit
    Weight : 5000
    Durability : 30000

    Req. Con : 9
    Req. Wis : 10

    Modified evasion rate + 100%