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Myth of Soma Account Management

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DLKR Myth Of Soma Armory

DLKR Guild

Here you will find all the information about DLKR guild, you can filter players by clicking on the various headers i.e. to filter by pos click the pos header.

Name Pos Rank
DR_EVIL 17985 leader
TIBERIUS 4701 coleader
JUNEY 2057 coleader
QUASIMODO 15110 coleader
EAZY 11640 board
FRIGG 4600 board
NUDEBOY 1200 board
MOHABIE 3790 board
TIBI 1888 board
VALENCIA 6177 member
WEDDINGCAKE 4124 member
ZUNABAL 5308 member
PREMIUM 4050 member
NEVERDIE 4162 member
KAIDE 4075 member
MAG1 0 member
RAFTER 352 member
SCORE 2000 member
SOMASP 1430 member
HAWKMOON 515 member
IBV 34596 member
EH 1371 member
1313 0 member
ALLKINDDEATH 4802 member
BBC 5643 member
COMMANDO 4076 member
CT12 0 member

Guild Pos: 145652