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Myth Of Soma FAQS

Frequently asked questions

Help Function
When you log in the game for the first time the in-game help window will automatically appear. You can access the help window at any time using the shortcut, Ctrl+H.

How to move

To walk during the game, click the left button on the mouse selecting a direction. To run press the CTRL key once or click on the Run button in the user interface. Remember that running consumes a great amount of stamina: if your stamina level reaches 0 you won't be able to run, until you have recovered some of it. (your stamina recovers over time, but only in Walk mode).
Your hero will follow the direction chose by your mouse pointer.

Peace Mode

Your character will begin the game in "Peace Mode". While being in Peace Mode, all the small lights around the sphere in the lower left corner (the HP/MP indicator) respectively on the left and on the right of the HP/MP will be black. In Peace Mode you can't attack monsters or other players. You also regn mana and hp twice as fast in peace mode compared to the attack modes.

How to attack

In Soma there are 2 different attack modes: The Monster Attack and the Player Attack Mode (PK Mode).
In Monster Attack Mode, your target can be just a monster. The attack method works as follows: press TAB once to enter Monster Attack Mode, put your cursor over the target and then click the left button on the mouse.
To keep attacking even if your target moves, keep pressing the SHIFT key while attacking, otherwise you can simply keep the left mouse button pressed to make multiple attacks. In PK Mode, you can also attack other players or guards (press TAB once more to enter PK Mode). However, if you attack other players or guards, your morale value will drop and the guard will react (killing you if you attack someone in town). If you attack someone while being in PK mode your character will turn in "grey mode" for 2 minutes.
Once your character turns grey everybody can attack you without suffering any morale penalty. Remember that using a positive spell (as Healing for example) on a grey character is considered a criminal act and even if it will be effective, it will turn the caster grey .

Monster Attack Mode

Pressing TAB once will bring you to Monster Attack Mode. While in this mode, the color of the lights around the HP/MP sphere bar will change to blue. Your cursor will transform into a sword if moved onto a monster.

About Magic

Magic within Soma is divided into 3 Schools: White Magic (Heaven World), Black Magic (Monster World), and Blue
Magic (Human World).
Once you've learned at least one spell, in order to use it, drag its icon from the Skills and Spells Window (press F11 on your keyboard to open it) and drop it in one of the "quick slots" on the right bottom part of the user interface. There are 12 total slots available. To finally cast the spell, select it by pressing one of the quick spell keys (F5~F8) or left clicking on the spell icon (the icon will be highlighted with red borders) and then click with the right mouse button on the selected target . You are not allowed to handle weapons while casting except a Staff or special weapons (you can recognize them by the -M suffix after their name). Keep in mind that every spell has its own requisites, so be sure to have them if the spell should not work. Black Magic School and White Magic School are "rivals" therefore you can't learn them both without suffering severe penalties.

Using your Skills

Your proficiency using a particular weapon depends on your level in the corresponding skill: If you want to be a swordsman, be sure to train your Sword skill, if you prefer Knuckles... focus your training in Knuckle skill and so on. Remember that you will always train the skill depending on the weapon you're using... so be sure to use the right one: sword for sword skill, knuckle for knuckle skill, axe for axe skill. Choose wisely your path, because when you will reach the skill cap, (the cap is the point where you don't have any points left for skill gaining) training a new skill will lower the level of another one already mastered!
Weapons can be deadly if used with an expert hand, but they also have a down side. For example all weapons have their own durability and will break after a long use. Remember to check and repair your weapons, just often to avoid fighting with your bare

Using Items
You can equip an item by opening the Inventory Window (press F10 on your keyboard) and then selecting it with a double click. The item will be equipped (if possible, that is. You surely cannot equip a potion....) and shown on the character picture.
Remember, many items have their own requirements to be equipped, check them out before attempting to use it!
You can choose to place items of four specific types in your Control Bar (on the lower left part of the screen, right of the HP/MP sphere). They can be used by pressing the F1,F2,F3 and F4 keys on your keyboard. Even if you can stack some item, you will use them one by one. Stacking them will save space: for example 4 Heal Potions will use one single slot...

Types of chats and how to use them

General Chat

General chat is displayed on the Chat Log Window (press F12 on your keyboard to view it) and above your character's head. Just type what you want to say and the message will appear above your head and into the Chat Log Window (press ENTER when you've finished typing your message)


By shouting all the people near you will hear your message. It can be used only by players above Level 20, player
with total manufacturing skill higher than 70 or players with a single manufacturing skill at least 60 . By shouting, your character will loose a good amount of stamina.
To use "shout" put !! before your message as showed in this example :
!!message you want to shout

Zone Shout

Using this type of message you'll be heard by all players in the same map. The requirements for this type of chat are: minimum level 30 or total crafting skill points higher than 120 or a single crafting skill with at least 60 points. It also requires a special book and a your Stamina must be full. The book will not be used upon making a Zone shout.
To make a "Zone Shout" put a ! before your message as in this example (and be sure to have the required book on you...) :
!message you want to shout

Private Messages

You can create private message sessions with other players using the following command :
@username message

Party Chat

This dialogue session is visible only by members of the group of players or "party" . To use it put a > before your message.

Guild Chat

This dialogue session is visible only by members of the same guild. To use it put a # before your message.

Private Message Commands

There are few commands you could use to organize your private messages :
/refusenote Refuses and blocks any incoming private message
/rejectnote <username> Refuses and blocks any incoming private messages from a specific user
/allownote <username> Removes the message block for the specific user
/showrejectnote Shows the lists of the users ID you're currently blocking

Level Increase

You will gain experience killing monsters. When your experience reaches its maximum value for your current level (100%), you will be moved to the next level and your experience will start again from zero. Your current experience level can be checked by placing your cursor in the orange bar on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Training Stats

The Stats value refers to Strength (STR), Intelligence (INT), Constitution (CON), Dexterity (DEX), Wisdom (WIS) and Charisma (CHA). To raise your Stats you need to make different actions in game depending on the specific Stat you wish to train: STR, DEX They are trained by using weapons: depending on the weapon class your DEX, STR or both them will be raised.
INT, WIS Trained by using magic: depending on the level of the spell INT and WIS will raise
CON Trained by attacking monsters with your bare hands.
CHA Raised by killing monsters while being the leader of a party

Training Weapon Skills
Sword - Trained by every kind of swords
Spear - Trained by every kind of spears
Club - Trained by every kind of Clubs and Axes
Knuckle - Trained by every kind of Knuckles
Bow - Trained by every kind of Bows
Staff - Trained by every kind of Staves
Weapon skills will be gradually increased whenever a succesfull attack is made using the corresponding weapon.
Remember that your total weapon skills points cannot exceed 370.
Training Manufacturing Skills
Armor - Trained by crafting any kind of Armors
Weapon - Trained by crafting any kind of Weapons
Accessories - Trained by crafting any kind of Accessories
Potion - Trained by crafting any kind of Potion/Medicine
Cooking - Trained by Cooking
Manufacturing skills will be gradually increased whenever an item will be successfully crafted.
The total skill points allocated to your manufacturing skills cannot exceed 400.
Magic Skill
Black Magic (School of Evil World)
White Magic (School of Heaven World)
Blue Magic (School of Human World)

Magic skill graudally increases when the attack is successfully made with a Spell and decreases slowly with time if it is not used for long periods. Black and White aren't compatible and they will decrease if you use both of them. However it's possible to create a Wizard Black/Blue or White/Blue without suffering any penalty. Your total magic skill points can't exceed 200. You'll be considered a Master of each school when you reach a skill level of 100(that's the maximum you can have in any 1 magic class). You can learn all the spells available in Myth of Soma by talking to the various NPCs scattered in the game. Each spell can be upgraded (whenever you'll meet the requirements for the upgrade) up to four times, which means that later in the game you could be able to cast a level 4 fireball spell inflicting a lot more damage than the basic level 1 fireball spell. Also, for every 10 skill you gain in your magic, you gain an extra 1 magic defence and attack using that school of magic up to +10 at 100 skill.


Selecting a spell in your belt and then right clicking on its icon will allow you to "precast" that spell. This means the first time you'll use it you won't need to cast the whole spell, but you'll just have the desired effect. In other words you can always walk with a "loaded" spell ready to be launched on a target (this is mostly for PvP purposes). To use the spell just right click on the target.

How to Make Items

In order to create an item, you need raw materials. Once you are sure you gathered all the needed materials for the item you want to craft, you can use the devices located in Thousand Years Town (also in the Guild Village, for the members of the guild that owns it) :

How to make money

Money can be made in many different ways. We can give you just a few ideas but remember that interacting with other players will give you a lot of satisfaction in trading/selling/buying any kind of object.
1- Sell items and raw materials obtained through hunting.
2- Craft various items and sell them. (Try to guess what people really need and you will have the chance to set a higher price)
3- Completing Quests will make you earn money as well (and precious items sometimes).
4- Don't run around town begging for money from people. Go hunt for it because no one likes a lazy beggar ;P


Whenever you die you will be prompted to choose between Revive and Warp to Town.
By selecting Revive, your character will be resurrected very near to the point of your death. You will suffer a Skill and Stat loss but you won't lose items or gold. Selecting Warp to Town instead, will teleport you to the nearest Town where you'll be resurrected. You won't lose anything but some of your items and gold.
Beware: if the selection is not made within 10 seconds, you'll be automatically warped to Town.
A few NPC shopkeepers sell an item called "Resurrection Scroll" that will allow you to revive near your death point without suffering any kind of loss and with full Health and Mana points.

Trading between Users

In order to trade, both parts must be in Peace Mode. Right click on the player you would like to trade with. The other player will be prompted to accept or refuse the trade. If the player accepts then the trade window will appear (remember that you can't trade if one of the players is accessing a messageboard or a private chat window), if the player refuses the trade then you'll be notified of his choice and nothing will happen.
After placing all items and money to be exchanged in the upper part of the trade window, click on the confirmation arrow. When both parts have confirmed the trade then the deal will be successfully completed (if any of the players closes the trade window the deal
will be canceled).

Quick Keys

Key Description

F1~F4 Use Belt items
F5~F8 Cast Spell placed on your Belt
F9 Detailed character information window
F10 Equipment window
F11 Skill/Spells window
F12 Chatting window
Tab Toggles between Peace/Monster/PK Attack Mode
Ctrl + Q Quit the game and moves to the character selection screen
Ctrl + S Toggles the User Interface on and off
Ctrl + H Help window
Ctrl + B Screen capture
Ctrl + M Minimap
Ctrl + J Quest Journal
Ctrl + P Toggles between accept/reject party requests
Alt + F4 Forced termination or end
CTRL Toggles between Walk and Run Mode


You will start as a Neutral player, your status will vary depending on the actions you take in the game. Low moral players will suffer
some restrictions: for example raised prices of items from NPC vendors. And if your morale falls to wicked or devil, players can kill you without incurring any penalties.
Morale Value Change Morale will decrease if you kill guards, or players. It will increase by killing monsters.
Various Restrictions on Morality If you are a low moral player you will have some restrictions in city access or shops usage:
Evil players will pay higher prices at the NPC shops.
Wicked players won't be able to use NPC shops at all.
If your morality drops to Devil then you won't be able to access any town until your morality raises again (guards will instantly kill you on sight). Special NPC have been placed in Thousand Years area to have Devil Morale people access their warehouse.

How to Use Special Items and Functions


This item shows the direction to Thousand Year town. It cannot be used in a dungeon. While using the compass, an arrow will point toward the entrance of the town (the closer entrance between east or west gates). Click the right mouse button on the compass to turn it on. Each time it is turned on, the durability is reduced by 1. Press Esc to turn off the compass. If you ever buy this you're an idiot.

G-Bird Feather

G-Bird feather is a very helpful item in dangerous situations.
When a player cannot move or is stuck somewhere (i.e., he is surrounded by monsters, etc.), by using the feather he/she will be teleported to a random place in the surrounding area (it has a limited range)

Screen Capture

Press Ctrl + B to capture the current game screen. Captured pictures are stored in the Soma program folder as png. 


In Game Minimap Pressing CTRL+M will bring on the screen a minimap of your current area showing the realtime position of your character (the blue dot on the map). This options is not available in every map of the game.

Quest Journal

CTRL+J will bring up a window called Quest Journal where you can gather all the informations you need about the quests. You can find which quests you are currently performing (yellow), which quests you can take (green) and which quests you can't take yet (red).
You'll find a detailed description for each quest, the names of the NPCs involved and the final reward of the quest.

Special Game Areas


The Arena is located in the Mercenary Town (located in the middle of the Mercenary Area). Inside the arena you can test your fighting skills against other players or against dummies that will show the damage you can inflict. You will not suffer any morale, skill or stat penalty by dieing or killing inside the arena. Anyway, your equipment will still be damaged thus losing its durability.

Dungeon (Thousand Years Area)

Near the Graveyard in Thousand Years Area there's a 4 levels dungeon that can accessed by talking to the local Graveyard Keeper.
You can access the first three levels freely, while the access to level 4 needs to be "gained".
Every Soma day (at time 18) 6 golden boxes spawn on the third level of the Dungeon. You have to locate them all, open them (by attacking them just as a monster) and kill the monsters that will spawn from the boxes. Whenever all the boxes will be opened,
starting from midnight you'll be able (for 6 Soma hours) to enter the 4th level of the Dungeon where you will face the Great Devil's
Guard (the dungeon's boss monster).

Party System

In Myth of Soma you can create a party with your friends. You can see the health bars of each party member above their heads, and leading a party is the only way to increase your Charisma. You can also have access to a special "party chat", where the text you'll type will be visible only to party members.
Commands :

/party ID Starts a party with a specific player (this is the command use to form a party)
/add ID Adds another player to an existing party (up to 5 players)
/delete ID Removes a player from your party
/dismissed Disbands the whole party
Pressing CTRL+P you'll toggle between accept/reject party offers
Pressing CTRL+T you can have small icons of your party members displayed on your screen showing their names, actions (if you're close enough), MP and HP levels.
You can use the Party Chat placing a " > " before your text.

Description of Basic Control

On the Control Panel, the left button on the mouse is used to move and the right button to cast. For long-range weapons attack (i.e.bows, crossbows), it's enough to select your target (clicking the left mouse button once) while in Attack Mode and your hero, will automatically reach the minimum required shooting distance. Upon targeting with SHIFT key held, your character will shoot standing on your current position. If you should attack while running (press CTRL once to enter Run Mode, press it again to go back to Walk Mode) you will automatically start to walk. Running consumes Stamina; as soon as you will have consumed all your Stamina you will automatically stop running.

Items can be dropped by dragging them from your inventory to the game window, they will automatically drop nearby. To pick up an item, click it and your character will move towards its location and pick them up. Remember that only the first player clicking on an item will pick it up, all other players will just move there (if the item has been dropped by a monster just killed then the item can be taken for the next 5 seconds only by the player who killed the monster inflicting most of the damage).
To use/equip an item, move the mouse cursor on the desired item, double-click it or use the right mouse button. You can also use this method for items stored in your belt.
To interact with an NPC, move to its location and left click it.

Health Points Display

Health points are displayed in red. If you hover your cursor over it, the numerical value will be displayed.
Mind Power (Mana) Display Mind power is displayed in blue. If you hover your cursor over it, the numerical value will be displayed.


Stamina is displayed as a purple bar. Depending on your actions, it will raise or lower.


Weight is displayed as a green bar. At the beginning it will be 0 but it will be modified once you'll pick up or drop an item.

Experience Value

Experience is displayed as an orange bar. It will start from 0%. Moving the mouse cursor on it you will see your current experience level (expressed in a percentage of the amount needed to advance to the next level).
It will be raised whenever you'll hit a monster (remember that your experience could drop due to the penalties suffer when you die).

Peace Mode/Monster Attack Mode/PK Attack Mode

You character default state will be the "Peace Mode". To change to "Monster Attack Mode" press TAB once. Pressing TAB twice will bring you to "PK Attack Mode". To get back to "Peace Mode" press TAB once from "PK Mode" or twice from "Monster Mode".

Run/Walk Mode

Right from the Magic Belt on the bottom right corner, there's a little icon showing a running man. Clicking it will toggle between running and walking mode.
Character Window, Inventory Window, Skill/Spells Window, Chatting Window
Pressing one of those buttons will open: Character Window, Inventory Window, Skill/Spells Window and Chatting window.

Option/Exit Button

Choose the Option Menu to turn on/off the music. To quit the game, click the Exit button and you'll be prompted to confirm. If confirmed you'll be taken to character selection Menu.

Item Belt Window/Magic Belt Window

Items can be dragged to the equipment window. Once stored, to use them, move the cursor on the chosen item and press the right mouse button (or use F1-F4 quick keys). Four magic spells/skills can be dragged from the Magic and Skill Window (F11); a red frame highlights the magic or skill that is currently selected. Use F5-F8 quick keys to highlight the spell or skill you wish to use.

Level is displayed in a number format. A total of 8 alignments exist (4 good and 4 evil) and each one is represented with its initial
letter and specific color.

Game Windows

Character Window (F9)

To access this window, press F9 on your keyboard or click the second icon (Human picture) of the Pop-up window menu on the lower right part of the screen. The upper half part of the window shows the character attributes and the lower half represents his/her skills/magic ability. Place your mouse pointer on each value to read a short description.

Character Values
Name: Name
Guild: Guild
Pos: Points of Soul
Known as: Title
Level: Level
Age: Age
Gen.: Gender
Depos: Morale
HP: Health Points
MP: Mind Points (Mana)
STM: Stamina
STR: Strength
INT: Intelligence
DEX: Dexterity
WIS: Wisdom
CHA: Charisma
CON: Constitution

Skill/ Magic Value

Sword: Sword Mastery
Spear: Spear Mastery
Club: Club Mastery
Knuckle: Knuckle Mastery
Bow: Bow Mastery
Staff: Staff Mastery
Weapon: Weapon making skill
Armor: Armor making skill
Accessory: Accessory making skill
Potion: Potion making skill
Cooking: Cooking skill
Black M.: Black Magic Mastery (Evil School of Magic)
White M.: White Magic Mastery (Heaven School of Magic)
Blue M.: Blue Magic Mastery (Human School of Magic)

Name: it's the name of your Character (Max 12 letters in Latin Alphabet).
Title: it's obtained by certain special events.
Position: it represents the position you cover in your town. It can vary by the system of each town.
Age : it's your current age. You start 14 years old and increase of 1 every 1440 hours of played game.
Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Consitution : shows your current value in each Stat.
Health, Mind Power (Mana), Stamina (Fatigue), and Weight: shown values are displayed in current / maximum value.

Equipment Window (F10)

Press F10 on your keyboard or click the icon of the Inventory Window. There are 10 slots available to place objects on your body :

1. Head (helmet/hat)
2. Upper part of the body (clothes/armor)
3. Right hand (weapon)
4. Left hand (weapon/ shield)
5. Lower part of the body (clothes/ armor)
6. Foot (shoes/boots)
7. Ear (ear rings)
8. Neck (necklace)
9. Right hand (bracelet/ring)
10. Left hand (bracelet/ring)

Whether you double-click on the left mouse button, right-click or use Drag & Drop to equip the item, it will be moved to the appropriate slot in the upper part of the window. Upon doing the same thing with an equipped item, it will be moved into your bag. Moving the mouse cursor onto an item will show its statistics (durability, speed, required skill...)
To throw away an item, drag it out of the equipment window. To withdraw money, click money icon and o set the amount of money to withdraw. After entering the amount, press the OK button to withdraw the money or press cancel button to abort the operation. Scroll bar does not move if all stored items are visible. Scroll bar must be moved directly using mouse clicking on the two litte arrows as it's not linked with the keyboard or a wheel mouse.

Skill/Spells Window (F11)

Press F11 on your keyboard or click the icon of the Skill Window on the main screen. This window will show you all the weapon skills,crafting skills and spells you've learnt. Crafting skill will be automatically used, but to use Spells and Weapon skills you'll have to drag them on your Magic Belt.

Chatting Window (F12)

Press F12 on your keyboard or click the icon of the Chatting Window item on the main screen. Pressing the ON/OFF buttons will allow you to enable/disable different kind of chats (Normal Chat, Guild Chat, Party Chat, Zone Chat, etc..).

Character Stats

Description of Statistics

Statistics in Soma are one of the most important things to be considered. Your path will be decided by these values. Six statistics are currently present in Soma:

STR - Strength
CON - Constitution
DEX - Dexterity
INT - Intelligence
WIS - Wisdom
CHA - Charisma
Increasing Stats

Every weapon increases your strength(str) and dexterity(dex) as you hunt except for staff. Depending on which weapon you choose,
your str and dex will raise differently. Axe gives the fastest str gains and lowest dex, while knuckle gives the fastest dex gains and lowest str gains. Str and Dex, along with Con are used to determine your hp gains when you level up.

To increase Constitution, fight with your bare hands (you can carry a shield ) . Con is important as it determines your hp regn, base hp stamina, and bagweight gains when you gain a level. The sooner you get a high con, the more you'll benefit from it in the long run.

Intelligence and Wisdom are increased by using magic Magic to attack monsters and heal people. Int determines the damage your your magic will do and wisdom determines how fast you regnerate your spent mana.

Charisma will raise when killing monsters while being leader of a party. Used to officialy ally your guild with other guilds.

Guidelines For The Beginner

1. How to create a character
After your account has been activated, you'll have the chance to access the character creation section. Characters in Myth of Soma can be divided into three major classes : Warriors, Wizards and the balanced class of Warmages (Wizard/Warrior). The best recommended class for a beginner is the last one, the Warmage, which is also currently the most popular class in Myth of Soma. A typical configuration for this kind of character is to start with Strength 11 and Intelligence 12. In this way you will be able to learn basic spells and also your constitution will allow you to take a few hits without dying.

2. How to find basic items
After you login in the game for the first time your character will appear in the Thousand Year Town central square. Nearby you will notice the town fountain. All around you'll find many shops, houses and people, you may feel dizzy but it's normal. If you look around a bit you'll notice an NPC named "Gukseo" (usually he wanders on the right of the big fountain). Gukseo is famous for helping newcomers by providing them clothes and weapons saying "Welcome to Thousand Years town". Speaking with him you will have the chance to begin immediately your first quest.... something related with some Fortune Tickets. When you complete this quest, you should have enough money to buy your first items.

3. Hunting
You should be now dressed and equipped with an appropriate weapon and some basic protection, so it's time to explore the outside world... But if you are a Wizard or a Warmage, why not learning a spell before adventuring out of town? The minimum Intelligence required to learn a spell is 11, so be sure you have it before visiting the Magic Trainer. If you meet this requirement, you can learn the Healing Spell for free, and if you got Intelligence 12 and 200 Barr you'll be able to learn your second spell too, the Fireball Spell... which will be your first attack Spell.
Check the magic skill window after learning magic (press F11 on your keyboard), and drag and drop each spell icon to the quick spell window at the lower right side of your user interface. Each spell icon can be simply handled pressing the F5-F8 keys.
Even if you've paid 200 Barrs for the Fireball spell you should have a few barrs left, enough to buy some health potions (don't forget mana potions for quick mana regeneration if you are a wizard!)
You can reach the outside world by simply walking through one of the two gates of Thousand Year Town, go west or east from the fountain to find them (they are known as East gate and West gate). Once outside you should start looking for Dire Wolves and Giant Spider Whelps only and it shouldn't be hard to find them since they live close to the town gates. At the early stage of the game, even Wolves and Whelps are very hard to kill, but they are neutral towards you and they won't attack until they're attacked from someone...
so before attacking them recover your health by resting or using the healing spell. If you feel in danger during the fight and you're not sure your going to survive, it will be more than useful to use the Health Potions.
Remember that potions always work so you can't fail using them, instead you could fail while trying to cast a healing spell: a monster can interrupt your concentration (by hitting you) during the spell casting process. When you press the Tab key on the keyboard for the first time you'll switch to Monster Attack Mode and your character will move into attack position (this can be easily noticed).
After level 15 if you press the Tab key once more you'll enter into Player Killing Mode (PK Mode). Needless to say, you can attack monsters too in this state, but if you attack another player, you will be considered a criminal and your name will turn gray meaning that for a short time you'll be treated as a hostile player towards everyone. While you're flagged as a criminal everybody will have the chance to kill you without suffering of any sort of penalty, so be very careful before attacking someone else and think twice about it.
To cast a spell first press F10 key to open the Equipment Window and release all [quote][/quote]the items you're carrying in your hands (you can hold only a staff while casting a spell), you can disarm yourself right-clicking with your mouse on the item icon. Click with the left button of your mouse on the desired spell icon in one of the quick spell slots (or just press F5-F8 key), the selected magic spell should become highlighted with a red border and at this point you only have to right-click on the desired target to cast the spell.
By default you are the target for any positive spell (Healing, Cure Wounds, etc..), you can check if a specific spell can be casted on another player by moving your mouse pointer on them... if your target will be highlighted with a green border then it's a valid target for your spell.
Remember that every kind of spell has its own range (that can be increased upgrading your spells later in the game), so each spell can only be used within a given distance.
Now, let's try to attack, using the Fireball spell. Again be sure that you are fully disarmed, select the Fireball spell and then move the mouse pointer over the nearest monster (be sure to always keep enough distance between you and your target so you won't risk to get hurt and interrupted), and click the right button of the mouse to cast the Fireball. Generally, Wolves and Spider Whelps can be defeated with a few Fireballs, giving you the first experience and magic skill gains.


1. Starting and joining a Guild

Since Myth of Soma is an online game, the relationship among players is extremely important and to make this easier, players can create and organize guilds. Here are some details about them.
Conditions for starting a new Guild - Stash : each member of the guild can deposit items and gold in the guild stash, but only the guild leader and the guild coleaders can withdraw them. Guild officers can be granted access to the guild stash if the "no limit" option is selected (press on the button to toggle between limit and no limit).
To deposit barrs in the guild stash use the "barr" options, to withdraw
barrs from the stash use the "G.Barr" option.
You can create a new guild when your character reaches level 25. Establishing a new guild will cost you 100,000 barrs and the guild will be dissolved without warning if the establishing fee couldn't be maintained for a month (expressed in game time).
To create a guild you can use the the Make Guild option from the menu of the NPC Guild Master that can be found in Thousand Years Town and in Mercenary Town.
If you meet the requirements to start a new guild a window will appear where you'll be asked for the guild's name and for a short description of your guild. Be careful because the guild name cannot be changed once it's created (while the description can be changed at any time).
The Guild Master Menu When the guild has been created you'll have two more options on the Guild Master menu :
Application: selecting this option you'll be able to refuse or accept players that have requested to join your guild (to apply for a guild membership, a non-guilded player should use the "Apply to Guild" option from the same menu). Moving the mouse pointer over the name of the players that applied to your guild you'll get a short description of their characteristics (level, moral, best skills, etc...). At the moment guilds are limited to a maximum of 60 members only, so choose your members carefully!
Guild : selecting this option you'll have access to the guild charter and the guild stash : - Guild Charter : each guild has a leader (top box of the charter), 3 guild co-leaders (the three boxes on the second line), 5 guild officers and regular members (the small boxes in the bottom part of the charter window). You can dismiss a member
from the guild by highlighting the member's name (left click on it) and then pressing the Dismiss button.
How to join/leave a guild If you want to join a guild, click "Apply to guild" from the Guild Master menu, select the name of the guild you wish to join and then press the "Apply" button (moving your mouse pointer over a guild's name will show its description).
Before you can join the guild leaders of the selected guild needs to accept your request (remember that they could as well reject it). When a new player applies to a guild a message will appear on the top left part of the screen of the guild leader. When the guild leader accepts a new member or when someone leaves the guild, a guild message will appear to all the members logged in the game at that time.
If you want to leave the guild simply select your name and click on "Dismiss" from the guild charter window.

Guild Village
In the southern part of the Thousand Years Area there's a small village called the Guild Village.
Every 15 e will occur for the control of the village and the guild that wins the battle will become the owner of
the village for the next 30 days (Soma time).
th of each month a battle Guild Village Wars The battle will start at midnight (Soma time 0) of the 15th of each month and will last for 12 hours in Soma time (2 hours in real time).
When the battle starts a wall will be raised at the entrance of the village (attacking forces will have to break the wall, targetable in Monster Attack Mode, before starting the battle inside the village) and all the players not belonging to the guild that owns the village will be kicked out of it (they'll be teleported outside the village walls).
To conquer the village the attacking guilds shall have to enter the guild village, break in the guild house and destroy the guild stone. The guild of the player standing on the guild stone spot (once it's destroyed) when the war is over will become the new owner of the village. If the guild stone is not destroyed or the player standing near it is a member (or an ally) of the defending guild, then the defense of the village will be succesfull and its owner will not
The defending guild will receive help from the village guards (called stone guards) that will attack members of the other guilds at sight (only during the battle).

Guild Village NPC and facilities

The guild the owns the village will have access to the village NPC (Remember though that most of these NPC can be used only after a certain number of battles won, usually you have to defend the town successfully once or twice before being able to use them). The Healer : will heal guild members if they double-click on him.
Pahwon The Shopkeeper : will allow you to sell items at the guild shop (you have to register each item and set a price for it), only guild members can register items, but everyone will be able to buy them.
Nao the Potion Vendor : sells potions and scrolls.
The Blacksmith : he can repair guild members items.
Warehouse Keeper : gives access to the players warehouse (can be used by everyone)
The guild members will also have access to all the crafting facilities : forge, loom, anvil and oven.
The NPC of the village will stop working during battles.

The Guild Stone

Using the guild stone located inside the Guild Hall of the Guild Town, the guildmaster of the guild owning the village can :
• Recall a player inside the village
• Trace (recall to) a player inside the village (this works only towards other guild members and doesn't work in level 4 of the dungeon)
• Start an alliance with another guild (the guildmaster needs a min of 50 charisma to start an alliance)
• Access the "Guild" and "Application" functions for the guild

Guild Alliances

Using the proper option on the Guild Stone, the leader of the guild that owns the village will be able to form alliances with other guilds that will help to defend the village during battles (members of allied guilds won't be kicked out when the battle starts and stone guards won't attack them). The guild leader needs a minimum Charisma of 50 to establish an alliance with one guild, 70 for 2 guilds,
and 90 for 3 (maximum alliances allowed)

Guild Wars

To start a guild war the leader of a guild will have to use the /War guildname command (where <guildname> is the name of the rival guild) when the other leader is online.
If the war has been accepted then both the leaders will get a window where they can choose what objects and how many barrs they want to offer as a prize for the war.
During a guild war the names and guild names of the contenders will be always displayed above their heads. Guild names will have the following colours :

Light Blue = Leader of your own guild
Dark Blue = Members of your own guild
Orange = Leader of the opposing guild
Red = Members of the opposing guild
Black = Members died

during the war During guild wars you can attack and kill your enemies even in town and using the "Monster combat mode" in order to avoid accidental player killing involving other players. The Revive option will not be working if you get killed in a guild war combat (you won't have death penalties or morale changes too while doing a guild war).

The war will end when one of the leaders get slain, so be careful and protect him (protect him from everything, because whatever kills the leader when dead the guild war is over, even if a dire wolf killed him/her).




Unlike the Human World, there are six main classes in the Devil World. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. According to the class you will select for your character you will start with different Stats points and you'll have certain limitations: only wizards will be able to handle magic spells and you'll be able to learn only Special Weapon skills related to your weapon class.


The knights are the best melee fighters in the World of Soma, therefore you'll see them going often toe-totoe
against the most powerful monsters that roam thorugh the Devil World.
This classed is based mostly on Strength and Constitution (which will both start at 15) and its main weapon is the spear. Low Wisdom and Intelligence doesn't allow a knight to learn any kind of magic spell.

Statistic Starting Value
Strength 15
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 5
Charisma 10
Wisdom 5
Constitution 15


There is nothing or no one who outmatches the Warrior in pure physical Strength (which starts at 17) and when wielding an axe (the main weapon for this class) it is one of the most fearful classes in the whole Devil world. Low Wisdom and Intelligence doesn't allow a Warrior to learn any kind of magic spell.

Statistic Starting Value
Strength 17
Dexterity 9
Intelligence 5
Charisma 10
Wisdom 5
Constitution 14


A Swordsman is a very well trained fighter in the use of swords and shields. Although not strong as knight or a warrior, there high Dexterity of this class (which starts at 13) makes the Swordsman a quick and deadly opponent for everyone. Low Wisdom and Intelligence doesn't allow a Swordsman to learn any kind of magic spell.

Statistic Starting Value
Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Intelligence 5
Charisma 10
Wisdom 5
Constitution 15


A Fighter has a very high trust in his fists and that's why you can see them usually fighting with their bare hands, wearing their knuckles to intensify the power of their attack. Fighters can quickly dodge opponents' attacks using their top dexterity and then retaliate back with a quick and deadly hit. Low Wisdom and Intelligence doesn't allow a Fighter to learn any kind of magic spell.

Statistic Starting Value
Strength 13
Dexterity 15
Intelligence 5
Charisma 10
Wisdom 5
Constitution 12


Not extremely good at melee combats, but lethal from the distance with their best friends : a bow and an arrow. Archers make of their quickness their main weapon and with some luck they can kill you with a single arrow before you can even reach them. Low Wisdom and Intelligence doesn't allow an Archer to learn any kind of magic spell.

Statistic Starting Value
Strength 10
Dexterity 17
Intelligence 5
Charisma 10
Wisdom 5
Constitution 13


Thanks to their extremely high Intelligence and Wisdom, Wizards are the only specialized class in the casting of spells, offensive ones in particular. Valuable companions for everyone, they are very weak when it goes down to close combat and must be protected against any enemy getting to close to them.

Statistic Starting Value
Strength 6
Dexterity 8
Intelligence 15
Charisma 10
Wisdom 14
Constitution 7

Items Exchange System

The economy in the Devil World is not only based on barrs, but it's mostly based on several items you can obtain from the monsters you hunt. These items can be traded for more precious items that you can ultimately exchange for weapons and armors. For example, you can obtain Black Metal from certain monsters and then exchange it for a Black Metal Bar that can be used to buy other items.