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FINITO Myth Of Soma Armory

FINITO has chosen to make their equipment private as such you will have a limited view of their items.

FINITO human Myth of Soma player
Weapon: Sword, Craft: Potion
Pos: 300
Gear score: 
FINITO Player Comments
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    Couple of glitchy skeletons in dungeon last night killed them and than just a stationairy mob no death animation or drop
  • HOGAN Says:
    Hi please could you check my post about being unable to log in
  • OSPREY Says:
    Hi Finito, just wondering if you know the server is down, this is an attempt to get a email pinged to you. Just a thought. Thanks.
  • ZARINA Says:
    Hi i see theres a forge in devil side is there a recipe or what do i need to start crafting ie stones skulls etc ty
  • KOREASAI Says:
    Hey is there anyway you can help me retrieve a lost account?
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