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Client Update

by FINITO // 2018/08/13 23:16:53 // 1 comments
A few fixes for reported issues. Read More

Website Update

by FINITO // 2018/08/12 11:52:15 // 1 comments
Fixed emails for forgot password not sending to hotmail and other Microsoft email domains. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2018/08/12 11:34:41 // 3 comments
For Devil Soma allocating stat points or doing a stat point reset will no longer change current health, mana, and stamina to maximum unless the current value is over the maximum (when resetting). Read More
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  • Owner: Devil's with 10% faster gains.
  • Percent: Human 100% Devil 65%
  • Next War: Tuesday 18:00:00
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