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Server Update 05/02/2016

by ISYLVER // 2017/02/05 15:21:48 // 6 comments
Drop file tweaks and increased rested amount from rested potions, Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2017/01/27 14:14:54 // 9 comments
Added in a possible fix for disconnection issues and other changes and fixes (some already was applied). Read More

Client Update

by FINITO // 2017/01/23 15:52:46 // 9 comments
Fixed a minor character status UI bug and added an extra disconnect message to help debug why players are being disconnected. Read More
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  • Owner: Human's with 10% faster gains.
  • Percent: Human 92.5% Devil 82.5%
  • Next War: Monday 19:00:00
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