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Increased tags, better caches & double warp scrolls

by FINITO // 2017/11/08 15:11:22 // 8 comments
Crafters rejoice, it's a patch for you. Starting today the higher the craft skill you have the more likely you are to get a tagged item on craft. Also there's many other goodies in this update. Read More

Double drops weekend!

by ISYLVER // 2017/10/06 06:21:45 // 19 comments
That's right for this weekend only we'll be giving you the chance to get twice as many drops. Read More

Public Test Server Update

by FINITO // 2017/08/08 21:39:48 // 2 comments
Public Test server been updated. Please check out the changes and provide feedback. Thanks. Read More

Double Rate weekend

by ISYLVER // 2017/08/02 07:06:58 // 21 comments
That's right. This upcoming weekend from Saturday morning until Monday morning we'll be running a double stat weekend. So gather your friends and get in game! Read More

Server update

by ISYLVER // 2017/07/31 20:09:35 // 5 comments
Weapon attack increases for hsoma. Read More

Server Update

by ISYLVER // 2017/07/16 17:31:16 // 11 comments
Some quality of life changes and some bug fixes. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2017/07/12 00:16:29 // 0 comments
Changed /return to use warp instead of instant move to prevent guards following character to Guild Village. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2017/07/08 13:54:17 // 1 comments
Bug fixes, changes, and additions. Read More

Client Update

by FINITO // 2017/06/11 13:22:04 // 4 comments
A few bug fixes and multi monitor patches. Read More

Speed adjustments 90-100

by ISYLVER // 2017/06/08 18:42:20 // 7 comments
We've increased the speed of levelling and stats during 90-100 Read More

Eight new quests!

by ISYLVER // 2017/06/03 17:16:57 // 6 comments
Here at the myth of soma we're always listening to your feedback and you asked for a few more quests. Read More

Rested potion increase

by ISYLVER // 2017/06/03 05:48:14 // 6 comments
Great news we've double rested potion amount! Read More

Double Rates Double Drop Day

by ISYLVER // 2017/05/28 17:07:02 // 16 comments
To celebrate our dedicated players we're giving you the chance to take part in a once in a soma lifetime opportunity - double drops and double rates! Read More

Client Update: Chat Colour Customisation

by FINITO // 2017/05/28 17:00:21 // 1 comments
Added the ability to customise chat colours for chat messages that appear top left and within the chat history. Read More

Client Update

by FINITO // 2017/03/27 09:27:48 // 3 comments
Some bug fixes and changes. Read More

Server and Website Updates

by FINITO // 2017/03/17 23:29:29 // 0 comments
Just letting you know about some server and website updates that are already applied. Read More

Server Update 05/02/2016

by ISYLVER // 2017/02/05 15:21:48 // 7 comments
Drop file tweaks and increased rested amount from rested potions, Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2017/01/27 14:14:54 // 9 comments
Added in a possible fix for disconnection issues and other changes and fixes (some already was applied). Read More

Client Update

by FINITO // 2017/01/23 15:52:46 // 9 comments
Fixed a minor character status UI bug and added an extra disconnect message to help debug why players are being disconnected. Read More

Client Update

by FINITO // 2017/01/08 17:15:08 // 2 comments
Fixed a crash that can happen randomly in text rendering code. Read More

Server Updates 06/01/2017

by ISYLVER // 2017/01/06 21:00:54 // 11 comments
PVP Potions and much more! Read More

Quest Abandoning

by FINITO // 2016/12/20 00:05:42 // 2 comments
We have added the ability to abandon quests that are using the new quest system. Read More

Daily Quests

by ISYLVER // 2016/12/18 18:33:31 // 9 comments
We've introduced a few daily quests for you to enjoy. Read More

Fixed Guild Creation Issue

by FINITO // 2016/12/11 13:42:43 // 1 comments
There was a bug causing guilds not to save. Guilds have been restored as best as possible. Read More

Server Updates 04/12/2016

by ISYLVER // 2016/12/04 08:47:51 // 13 comments
We have a tonne of changes in the latest update including mob changes, drop rate changes, Item Combine, Guild Village War amends and more! Have a read and let us know your thoughts. Read More

Trick or Treat

by FINITO // 2016/10/21 10:03:33 // 9 comments
Halloween event has started! Read More

Client Update

by FINITO // 2016/10/21 09:28:00 // 10 comments
Increased input width on how many UI on human soma. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2016/10/12 05:31:57 // 1 comments
Just a quick bug fix. Read More

Small update

by GHOSTLORD // 2016/09/02 13:58:27 // 4 comments
More alternate gems for hsoma! Read More

Client Patch

by FINITO // 2016/08/31 17:08:06 // 0 comments
Just fixing the multimonitor patch for latest version of Windows 10. Read More

Client Patch

by FINITO // 2016/08/29 05:20:25 // 0 comments
A few fixes, multimonitor, character animation speed. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2016/08/11 10:28:42 // 1 comments
Birthday event mobs added and D4 boss fix. Read More

Client Patch

by FINITO // 2016/08/02 03:38:20 // 0 comments
Added required dll files for client. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2016/06/10 17:24:25 // 3 comments
Farming Sage will now extract all items in inventory. Read More

Client and Server Update (2016-06-06)

by FINITO // 2016/06/07 12:59:40 // 0 comments
A few fixes and change to logout delay. Read More

Client and Server Update

by FINITO // 2016/06/05 15:52:15 // 0 comments
Client and server crash fix. Read More

Update on Client and Server Issues

by FINITO // 2016/06/05 14:10:25 // 0 comments
A list of fixes for getting client to run and what we are doing. Read More

Server Updates 04/06/2016

by ISYLVER // 2016/06/04 16:52:05 // 9 comments
Lots of mini updates in todays update take a look! Read More

Server Updates 17-04-2016

by ISYLVER // 2016/04/17 13:07:11 // 5 comments
New weapon crafting recipes and alterations to spawns. Read More

Happy Easter

by ISYLVER // 2016/03/26 18:41:37 // 5 comments
We've added a small easter event in for you guys. We're reusing last years but we've also added some birthday bugs (it's someones birthday, somewhere right?) . Read More

Introducing free mode

by ISYLVER // 2016/03/04 10:38:13 // 17 comments
We've added a new command where you can pause your stats/exp gain but gain skill whilst in this mode. Read More

Server Updates 03-02-2016

by ISYLVER // 2016/02/03 17:06:47 // 1 comments
6 New accessories and 3 new bosses! Read More

New Quest log! And rested update

by ISYLVER // 2016/01/30 18:13:58 // 19 comments
Evening all, We have now implemented a new quest log to assist you in your soma travels read more to find out why. Read More

Server updates 16-01-2016

by ISYLVER // 2016/01/16 17:31:05 // 2 comments
Some tweaks, new crafting recipies and minton updates. Read More

Saving Santa!

by GHOSTLORD // 2015/12/11 07:33:34 // 12 comments
One of Santa’s reindeer has gone ballistic! He went on a violent adventure dropping presents on his path. Read More

Event Time Changes

by FINITO // 2015/11/29 15:23:47 // 1 comments
Event times have been changed. Read More

Server update 25/11/2015

by FINITO // 2015/11/25 17:36:56 // 6 comments
A few improvements. Read More

Client Update 20/11/2015

by FINITO // 2015/11/20 15:30:53 // 3 comments
Fixed multi-monitor lag in latest Windows 10 build. Read More

Server update 13/11/2015

by FINITO // 2015/11/13 23:12:01 // 1 comments
A few bug fixes for the Devil World. Read More

Server reboot 24/10/2015

by ISYLVER // 2015/10/24 17:04:06 // 6 comments
New recipies, monster changes and a prize for those who own the Continental Army Area. Read More

Trick or treat II

by ISYLVER // 2015/10/19 16:46:54 // 12 comments
Due to the success of last years Halloween event we've brought it back for you to enjoy. Read More

Molten Meltdown has started!

by ISYLVER // 2015/09/16 06:47:30 // 7 comments
The new patch has launched. See what goodies we have in place by reading this post. Read More

Updates 22/08/2015

by ISYLVER // 2015/08/22 14:21:49 // 3 comments
Dsoma gets some love in this update including: Dsoma restock, new quests, spawn tweaks and other goodies in this update. Read More

Updates 21/08/2015

by ISYLVER // 2015/08/21 06:01:34 // 2 comments
Keen eye improvements and poison accessories. Read More

Server Online

by FINITO // 2015/06/12 03:27:46 // 4 comments
The server login issue has been fixed. Read More


by FINITO // 2015/05/26 02:35:54 // 2 comments
Removed Magic Casting latency tolerance. Read More


by FINITO // 2015/05/15 21:15:40 // 4 comments
Bug fixes for client crash and magic casting. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2015/05/10 10:54:45 // 15 comments
PK level change and Magic Casting latency tolerance. Read More

Easter Event statistics!

by GHOSTLORD // 2015/04/19 13:47:48 // 10 comments
The easter event was a great success. Thank you all for participating. Nearly 20.000 Easter Eggs were opened during the event! Over 250 Artisan Scrolls have been used to find those illusive crafts! Read More

Easter Event

by FINITO // 2015/04/04 07:23:49 // 9 comments
Easter is upon us! You will find surprise eggs in the world of Soma during this time of year. Rumour has it that Acheron, the easter bunny of our world isn’t too happy with the somarians disturbing his eggs last year. Read More

Server Update

by FINITO // 2015/03/14 20:50:29 // 6 comments
Bug fixes, change, and Devil Soma drop changes. Read More

Client Update

by FINITO // 2015/03/02 16:58:59 // 5 comments
Fixed character still moving when picking up item or holding shift when using full screen client. Read More

Server Update 2015-02-27

by FINITO // 2015/02/27 14:52:27 // 6 comments
Devil soma mob change and PK disabled in safe areas. Read More

Client update 2015-02-20

by FINITO // 2015/02/20 22:16:52 // 0 comments
Fixed guild storage scroll bar. Read More

Guild Chat Beta

by FINITO // 2015/01/23 08:46:19 // 16 comments
Introducing Guild Chat Beta. Read More

Updates 2015-01-23

by FINITO // 2015/01/23 03:00:43 // 6 comments
Server and client bug fixes. Read More

The Worlds Breach

by ISYLVER // 2015/01/15 19:01:15 // 11 comments
Gorshak has ripped the boundaries of the two worlds opening up a World Breach. Read More

Sacred Stone Changes!

by ISYLVER // 2015/01/13 07:59:45 // 4 comments
Now there's never been a better reason to attend Sacred Stone. For every 1000 pos your race earns at Sacred Stone Scramble one random boss will be spawned. Read More

Server updates 10/01/2015

by ISYLVER // 2015/01/10 14:25:50 // 5 comments
New quests and bug fixes in this update. Read More

Removal of Christmas event and changes

by ISYLVER // 2015/01/07 07:09:18 // 0 comments
Christmas time is over for another year hopefully you all got your Christmas treats. We should have also fixed the range bug at bosses and we've tweaked the dsoma end game monsters. Read More

Server update 31/12/2014

by ISYLVER // 2014/12/31 12:41:00 // 1 comments
Some mob tweaks and a bug fix or two. Read More

Saving Santa. Saving Christmas

by ISYLVER // 2014/12/20 14:24:23 // 11 comments
Santa is in trouble. One of his beloved reindeers has been kidnapped by Gorshak who knows what has happened to it. To make matters worse some of his elves have been caught thieving presents. Read More

Legendary.. Gorshak isn't happy.

by ISYLVER // 2014/12/06 08:32:35 // 7 comments
After mighty warrior Microstar found the first Legendary item Gorshak has sent more fiends to settle the score. Including 100s of hours quests a new boss minion and a new upgrade. Read More

Halloween event removal and some updates

by ISYLVER // 2014/11/10 06:54:00 // 8 comments
It's that time of year where sadly we have to wave goodbye to the vampires. Meister Spell will still be ingame to collect your remaining letters. Read More

Trick or treat

by ISYLVER // 2014/10/23 18:34:55 // 22 comments
It’s that time of year again. Creepy happenings in the world of soma, things aren’t what they seem. No one is sure why exactly - it needs to be spelled out. Read More

Server Online Move Completed

by FINITO // 2014/09/25 03:33:00 // 62 comments
The server has been migrated to the new server and is now online. The launcher will need to patch itself before you will be able to connect. Read More

Birthday event phase 2

by ISYLVER // 2014/08/30 15:24:32 // 1 comments
Bugs and gems now drop more and more goodies for you to explore. Do you deserve a good present or have you been bad? Read More

Server updates 2014-08-25

by ISYLVER // 2014/08/25 13:00:02 // 4 comments
Some small content changes and new accessories in this update. Read More

It's our birthday!!

by ISYLVER // 2014/08/23 08:07:23 // 8 comments
Pandemonium town and Thousand year town have been invaded by various bugs and gems. Read More

Two new spells!

by ISYLVER // 2014/08/14 17:47:57 // 15 comments
In this latest patch we've introduced two new spells. One for white mage and one for black mages. Read More

Server updates 2014-08-12

by FINITO // 2014/08/12 12:37:46 // 4 comments
A few changes and bug fix. Read More

Server updates 2014-07-29

by ISYLVER // 2014/07/29 18:08:49 // 15 comments
A rested overhaul and tweaks to a few features/protection. Read More

Rise of the fallen

by ISYLVER // 2014/07/27 19:54:08 // 4 comments
A strange dark creature has been discovered in the depths of Infernal Caves. Read More

Server updates 2014-07-12

by ISYLVER // 2014/07/12 17:50:30 // 15 comments
Some changes for dsoma and a little for hsoma in todays update. Read More

Server bug fixes 2014-06-14

by FINITO // 2014/06/14 19:45:52 // 10 comments
Fixed a crafting bug that can cause loss of items. Read More

Server bug fixes 2014-06-11

by FINITO // 2014/06/11 15:30:56 // 2 comments
Fixed a few bugs. Read More

Server updates 2014-06-04

by ISYLVER // 2014/06/04 18:01:55 // 16 comments
Some small tweaks and game fixes for this weeks update see more details in the article. Read More

Minor updates 2014-05-30

by ISYLVER // 2014/05/30 20:05:58 // 3 comments
Some small changes made to the game. See inside for details. Read More

The Rise of Gorshak

by GHOSTLORD // 2014/05/11 09:08:02 // 18 comments
The lands of Soma are in a state of cautiousness. The plants are acting odd, the lava flows are even wilder and the monsters are even more furious than normal. Some monsters are taunting ‘Gorshak is coming! Gorshak is coming!’. Read More

Server update 2014-05-1

by ISYLVER // 2014/05/01 07:16:10 // 9 comments
Human soma dex changes after 100 implemented. Read More

Server updates 2014-04-29

by ISYLVER // 2014/04/29 05:59:26 // 2 comments
Some updates have appeared in the server in preparation for the larger upcoming patch. Read More

Easter eggstravaganza

by ISYLVER // 2014/04/13 19:33:04 // 21 comments
(apologies for the pun) It's easter time in soma and all through the lands players are searching for some lovely eggs. Whether these eggs are good or bad is another matter. Read More

Server updates 2014-04-13

by ISYLVER // 2014/04/13 15:35:25 // 4 comments
Some small changes and features adding in todays update. Read More

Winners Announced - Twitter Competition: #SomaSelfie

by ISYLVER // 2014/04/13 09:00:00 // 11 comments
We've announced the winners! Time to collect your prizes. Read More

Server update 2014-03-31

by ISYLVER // 2014/03/31 19:00:37 // 23 comments
We're testing an NPC ai fix. We're testing new specials for future upgrades. Read More

Client Hotfix Grind stone Bug

by FINITO // 2014/03/29 17:30:38 // 2 comments
A patch for the game client is available to fix an issue with the Grind stone. Repairing equipped items could result in repairing an item in inventory slots instead. Read More

Dsoma crafting improvements and more

by ISYLVER // 2014/03/15 18:34:07 // 10 comments
Today we’re happy to announce a new update! We’re introducing cooking and potion manufacturing into the devil world as well as a start of their upgrade system and new recipes for hsoma accessories. This should also change the war percent. Read More

Server updates 2014-02-18

by ISYLVER // 2014/02/18 20:38:15 // 8 comments
Some minor skin changes, dsoma deliveries and continental army tweaks. Read More

Competition time: Share the love

by ISYLVER // 2014/02/16 16:05:31 // 6 comments
We all love soma and of course it's a shame to keep it all to ourselves. That's why we're giving our players the chance to win a fortune pouch (1 for each race). Read More

Heal tweaks and Poison

by ISYLVER // 2014/02/12 07:44:47 // 8 comments
Heal calculation reverted and poisons purpose. Read More