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Server update 17/01/2020

by ISYLVER // 2021/01/17 20:13:18 // 3 comments

Awaiting reload/reboot for these to be added

Change to caches

We've added even more items to the large weapon, large armor and large upgrade caches.


Amazing apparel quests

3 new quests for each race which reward very well for very little effort - well its a gamble on how well they reward.


Faster rates until lockdown is over

We'll be adding 1.5x rates for levelling (up until level 125) and 1.5x drops until the lockdown is lifted.


Bertha is back

Big bertha will spawn every time 5.


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TEDZ0R Says:
Thankyou!! ??
great for the lockdowners here on Plague Island ty :)