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Double Item Tag Chance Event

by FINITO // 2023/05/06 13:44:27 // 5 comments

Double Item Tag Chance Event starting now until Tuesday 9th May.

  • This means the chance of getting tagged items has been doubled for both drops and crafting


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nice event... any chance of looking at new items being crafted.. ie nega weps for wep crafters/ whatever the armour/acc equiv is.. long time since we had new crafts...stingers were like 3 years or more ago ty x
i couldnt log in. what s problem?
CONNIE32 Says:
server is offline :)
doh..forgot we can craft psychos too..but as Tarnish says .. stinger/ psycho bows do req loads of mats .. some reductions might make them more viable to craft..stingers like 5 years old.. psychos 3 yrs + ago .. ish
Z Says:
Thank you, Finito. Ive left some feedback in Ideas & Suggestions.