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Halloween Event 2020

by ISYLVER // 2020/10/21 08:59:29 // 8 comments


Double Rates

Double rates will be in full effect for crafting, levelling and rates etc. 

Faster Rested Gain!

When you're at a PVP event such as War of thw Worlds, Guild Village War, Capture the Flag or Sacred Stone you'll gain rested at a whopping 10x speed! So get yourself to the events. 


How The Halloween Event Works

All monsters that give you stats will drop letter bags and using them will give you a random letter. These letters can then be made into a word. For example if you have a T, 1 E's, an O and 3 R's you'll spell Terror which Meister Spell will give you a reward for.

Find them all out and you'll harvest some great rewards.


The Mysterious Letter

There's just one letter that can't be deciphered, collect enough of them and something will happen.

Remember letters will only drop from monsters in your stat range! Enjoy.


Have a great Halloween!


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JOJI Says:
wow nice! thanks. :)
very nice.. with covid tier 3 rapidly approaching everyone.. if not in it already.. we need this! We gona get the halloween vampires edition? Not seen them for a while x
tyvm isy:P
Nice one!
DR_X Says:
When is this event starting?
THE_D0N Says:
Thanks isylver, another help in hand for the new comers :) . Come on people get those crafting robes on / hunting arms out still plenty of time to do it ?? Dr_x mentions on the home page 24th Oct-9th Sep pal.
Nice add-on with the 10x rested
Is healing for int gain increased as well with double rate event? Sorry noob here.