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An urgent message from the king - Cap raise to 125

by ISYLVER // 2020/03/09 19:52:26 // 7 comments

Alarm! Alarm! ALARM!


Something dark and wicked has been detected approaching the lands of Soma!


The King’s scouts have brought back this terrifying news – all of Soma is in very real danger of being totally over-run!


A huge and powerful Horde has been discovered assembling in an, until now, unknown land and it is preparing for all-out war on the people of Soma! Annihilation of us all is their only aim!


There is still a little time for us to prepare ourselves and to make ready to defend the lands of Soma from this approaching abomination!


You must all start training and improving your strengths and skills immediately! The King has managed to defeat the dark magic that had stopped you - his warriors - from progressing past level 120 in your personal development, but now that barrier has been broken!


From this weekend the King will raise the cap for all to 125 and he strongly urges you to use this new-found power to fine tune your characters to maximise their survivability and their power before this Horde descends upon us!


The King will activate this increase from this weekend and he has also ordered triple Scroll of Valour rewards too to enable his loyal warriors to improve their personal weaponry!


Take full advantage of this lull that precedes the coming storm! Failure to get stronger, faster, better, means that you will die!


GM's TLDR: We're increasing the cap to level 125. This will allow you to build your characters a little bit further in their weaknesses.


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Same stat caps in place right?
for scroll of virtue read scroll of valour :P
messing? typo? lol roll in this weekend :D
Yes Quatre
Stat caps arent staying in place for dsoma are they?
Any news on the possible time and date the cap will be increased for anyone thinking of taking time of work?