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New ways to get Valour!

by ISYLVER // 2020/02/10 19:50:14 // 3 comments

Way 1 - Crystal Activation

Every time you activate crystal you'll be given Valour. Be careful though as your name will be announced in the process alerting the opposing race in the process.


Way 2 - Capture the flag

For every flag you deliver you'll be given Valour. So get involved and capture the flags!


Way 3 - Slay the Demons Daily

Slay 10 demons at Negamare and get Valour!


Also in this update we've tweaked how /roll works if you're in a party it works as normal. If not it'll announce it to those around you.


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Nice ideas
TIBI Says:
Please say youll add rested pots in exchange for valour xx
Crystal incentive is a nice add, we have had a few good races to activate them all since this came in