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Server Updates - March

by FINITO // 2023/03/05 18:17:28 // 17 comments

Will keep this updated with a list of changes during this month instead of lots of separate news posts

Updates 2023-03-05

  • Revert the changes to weapon skill physical attack bonus. Back to being 2.5x attack bonus with 250 skill.
  • Valour during the Trial of Valour event is now awarded per wave and Valour drops have been removed from the spawns. A set amount of Valour given to every surviving player on the zone when a wave finishes with increased amounts given for mini boss and boss waves.
  • Trial of Valour event can be joined using the command /tovjoin
  • Weapon skill bonus changed to adding random value between (skill / 5) and (skill / 10) instead of using a multiplier of up to 2.5x (with 250 skill) the weapon attack. Hoping this will reduce the damage a bit and help with damage on Val weapons
  • Revert the above change but cap the damage bonus to 2x damage increase is spread over 250 skill instead of 200.


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well you succeeded well in reducing damage hehe :)
@Finito wow thats too much m8.... Val bow now like a stinger max.... 15%/10% too much....
3D Says:
Almost two years after you add something you decide to balance it. There were other ways of doing it other than simply removing damage, Taking stuff away, especially after so long, it not the way to do it.
Z Says:
PvE this feels too harsh, Hellish Troll kill from 7 hits to now 10 hits. Elongating hunts and making my Grand Bow of Valour feel a lot less important, yet extremely costly.
Z Says:
Please revert at your earlier convenience. Thank you, Finito.
@MONSTERMAN The change affects every weapon. The original calculation is not sustainable if we are to introduce further weapons in the future, @3D It is taking away from all weapons and still adds a fair amount of damage without getting out of control when the weapon has high damage numbers. @Z Will make adjustments where needed to the monsters. Will also tweak if necessary the amount of skill per damage and remove randomness of necessary.
3D Says:
And taking stuff away is still not the right way to balance stuff two years later. Other options existed that didnt involved making players weaker. Its not like this stuff came out last week and youre making last minute tweaks here.
Z Says:
@FINITO This game is brutally difficult as is, and it takes a lot of time to progress. My crude example wouldve meant an approximate 40% increase in kill time, covering multiple enemies including bosses. I am pleased youve decided to revert it partially, and appreciate your time. I believe this to be a delicate issue which will take some fine tuning to get right.
@Finito thanks.
@Z Yeah increase in kill times is not what we want and also I think with my initial change it boosts lower tier gear too much and higher tier needs further adjustments to content. Still going to need slight tweaks with current change t)hat caps to 2x. Significant drop and drop rate changes are planned too.
A good increase to drops will be welcomed.
+1 on drop and drop rate inc changes
Bit off topic but can we have all top tier boss drops looked at, nega for example should only drop Nega weps. And can we have the % of lego/myth drops increased ??
This change just made anything but Val weps effectively useless tbh bet a nega nuk heals u when ur hit now lol
This TOV change is the best ever. If you get a good team u can get 50-60 scrolls on full run. Very good!
Aye great tov change, makes it a team effort and equal rewards for everyone who participates. Lovely
@finito, if you get a spare sec plz could you check out quest npc Jhon, he`s cheating his customers.