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Client and Server Update

by FINITO // 2021/12/07 21:28:05 // 4 comments

Serum Item Changes

  • Serums now cast Magic that removes the respective type of magic blue, white, or black. This has a small cast delay and also delay same as potions when using serum items. The serum cast cannot be interrupted.
  • We will monitor and make any necessary tweaks to these changes
  • The serum changes have been reverted as have ran into multiple issues with the implementation (item casting magic has not worked out as intended).

Magic Casting Latency Tolerance

  • Latency tolerance for magic casting has been improved and is auto managed by the server and client. No longer need to adjust latency tolerance in the client manuall and all players will now be casting at the same speed.

Chat Filter Persistence

  • The filters on the chat window are now persisted and previous setting will be reloaded
  • Can also filter out more than what the chat window allows by manually editing the SomaDevLauncher.ini file, refer to the chatfilters section that will be created after running the client for the first time after patching. At some point in the future we will add these options within the game too.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where page up/down doesn't scroll magic belt with chat UI open
  • Fix bug where hsoma is warped to dsoma gv entrance during t6 event
  • Changed int requirement to wis requirement on the following Devil Soma items: Atlantes Aid, Ozle Ring, Nomad Pendant, and Gargoyle Stud

Other Changes

  • Drops for Blitzen have been updated to match those of ???? but with Elf Armor instead of Jack-o'


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Bug - I keep cancelling weaken when i switch to offensive spell. - e.g - holding right click, press Fkey for weaken, as soon as it starts casting press F key for offensive spell (in my case, level 3 spirit sword, it cancels the weaken and starts casting spirit sword.
a good update except for the serum changes please revert this ASAP and i think 2x rate/event has been removed due to update... cheers!
SLAPS Says: Video of cast problem explained in previous comment.
@SLAPS Thanks, Im sorting out a fix