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Weapon and Craft Skill Caps increased

by ISYLVER // 2021/04/18 19:46:02 // 4 comments

New weapon skill cap

In preperation for the new weapons launch (Grand and Corrupted weapons of Valour). We have increased skill to 250 as these weapons will require 240 to use.



New craft skill cap

We've also increased the craft skill cap for individual skills. This means that with 250 skill you have an increased chance of crafting a tagged item. 


Rock Paper Scissors tweak

Fancy your luck? We've now added the ability to gamble at the high stakes of 500,000 per game! 


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So is the overall cap 500 for crafting to allow cook and pot to both be 250?
4634 Says:
Do you get an extra sr and any boost at anvil?
well.. thatll pass the time for a few days !
Is there any attack bonus between 200-250?