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Server Update

by FINITO // 2021/01/30 20:39:20 // 18 comments

Feature Changes

  • PK immunity gain from death by PK has been removed, the only way to now obtain PK immunity is through using PK Immunity Potions. We are hoping that this allows more PKing to take place but still gives those a way that need it to gain immunity.
  • Cannot join another guild after leaving another guild for a period of 7 days (you can re-join the same guild you left immediately).
  • GVW is now once per week
  • GVW % system now adjusts the % by 10% instead of 5% for each loss/win
  • Procs have been changed to stack the % shown on gear rather than roll each gear separately, this prevents multiple procs of the same type from happening in the same attack.
  • Moral rates reduced to 2x from 8x, also rested and exp events will on longer boost moral rate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to scroll the items being put up for trade by the other player you are trading with.

Drop Changes

  • Nerfed drop rate for Small Diamond for Palus (halved)
  • Buffed drop rate for Small Diamond for Hellish Trolls, Vafer raptors, Necro Wasps, and Prism Spiders (Just over 3x)


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Thank you very much fun!
potting seems way to quick? or this how its meant to be?
This is great news on the immunity so many people abused this...
Valk Shamen too I thought?
good changes there, thanks :)
Interesting changes. One key change thats missing from Small Diamonds is removing them completely from campable bosses (Dungeon).
BLAG Says:
welcome back to the days where one guild controlled all hunting spots by griefing everyone over and over... takes a few hours to do dailys to get enough marks to buy immunity pots that dont last long.... be prepared for a backlash on this decision in the next few weeks
4634 Says:
Procs have been changed to stack the % shown on gear rather than roll each gear separately, this prevents multiple procs of the same type from happening in the same attack Why add dragonbreath to the hero emblem and clasp then?
ZYZZ Says:
You get 16% chance of procing Db instead of two individual 8%s + the ma and other stats, stop crying dae
4634 Says:
Aye the game isnt that fun is it? isnt that why u all left for albion? Finally get gear and dan and fintio nerf it cos dl dont like it. Watch the numbers blossom.
It was never supposed to stack, its been fixed. If you geared to benefit from a temporary bug then thats on you, genius.
4634 Says:
I dont disagree that having 8 procs go off at once is op and just stupid - but considering its on hero clasp and emblemm - you thought their would of been a compriomise for the people that have worked on db gear. like changing hero clasp and emblem from dragon breath to one of the others, or having an allowance of 2 procs of same spell before it stacks %
Instead of bitching and moaning about it why don’t you put your suggestions on the ideas section. Blaming the change on a guild made of predominantly proc mages is so dumb?? Nice changes Fin.
ZIR0_ Says:
Last changes in proc:now is more easy make full set dB set and more % so if u got full 7% dB = 28% prob x2 hit only in armour if add acces can get 28% more = 56% again mages got gd changes
GIZZ Says:
Dont like this PK update. How will grieffing be prevented now?
I never got any small diamonds at palus, and its been nerfed I been farming there since Xmas for angels tear and spirit powder. I got DB at warmness tho
Wraiths are good for AT’s, DB’s, SP’s Lasskiss
I saw this hampering me from the day this was posted; the 7 day rule... I made a guild to help new people. I cant recruit people who are already in a guild or recently quit one because of this. There must be some other way of preventing the abusers of not participating in gvw