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Server Update 22/06/20

by ISYLVER // 2020/06/22 10:48:53 // 5 comments

Over the next few days to weeks you'll see new items in dsoma. These items are to build discovery and make dsoma a little more advanced/engaging. We'll soon be allowing dsoma to use prepare where many of these items can be used. 

We will also be looking at how we address a ruby only economy and try to balance this with other gems and items where necessary.


Also we'll soon be launching a new client update which will allow you to always show monster / player names. This will also aim to improve GVW where player/guild names will be hidden (aside from your own). Allowing you to engage in Guild Village War without the worry of any political aftermath. It should also make it more difficult for guild alliances and thus encourage more PVP.



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AFRO Says:
Thanks for putting time to look into dsoma! enhance rdt will be a step up to balance out the need to only make accuracy and dex set. Regarding gvw change, do we still need penalty if a guild wins constantly? :P
TEDZ0R Says:
thank u , is Charred Frog the added item ?
Nice to put an effort on d soma enhancment, but if u go on with these drop rates the game will be in trouble...... Nothing more to add on this coment , thank u.
Please revert GV to back to what it was thanks