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Server Update

by FINITO // 2021/04/19 20:23:58 // 2 comments


  • Prevent quick logout in safe areas when grey, recently in combat (within 5 secs), recently teleported (within 5 secs), or triggered a guard (they are actively chasing or attacking your character)
  • Interrupt logout when teleporting
  • PK mode disabled while PK immunity is active
  • PK immunity can be removed early using the command /removeimmunity (so you can opt to join in with pvp if currently got PK immunity), the command can be used after 30 minutes of immunity has passed and will also force your character to flash gray.
  • Increased the effect of 2nd Sword Aura (Health Regen) from 2x to 4x quicker regen.


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thanks, can u lookback for Moral gain rates please? too long to gain
974 hp regenerated over 120 seconds 8 hp per a incriment on average around 80 incirments to achieve 974/1082