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PVP improvements and quality of life changes

by FINITO // 2021/10/12 19:25:59 // 13 comments

These changes have been implemented by taking on player feedback in the goal of improving quality of life and also improve player vs player combat.

Devil Soma Health and Statistics

  • Devil Soma health calculation has been altered to give a buff to devil's health pool at higher con values.
  • Fixed a bug with Devil Soma calculation of health, mana, stamina, and weight where it was using level + 1 for these calculations instead of just level.

Equipment switch delays

Equipment swap delay has been introduced for non-safe areas and after casting an aura. This means you will not be able to swap equipment until after a delay has passed. The delays are split up with weapon being 5 seconds, armor being 2 seconds, and accessories also being 2 seconds.

Proc changes

  • Magic casting is now cancelled when using a G-Bird feather.
  • Proc based items limited to twice maximum when triggered from an attack
  • Weaken proc will now apply last out of all proc

Magic Damage Range Reduction

  • Is now applied before the magic damage cap


Protection now adds twice as much defense when added.


PVE, upgrades and quest updates

  • Vafer Raptor, Hellish Troll, Prism Spider have had a 25% HP and Exp reduction
  • 3 new quests added for each race
  • 2 new upgrades for hsoma, 3 new upgrades for dsoma


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whats this weapon delay thing? doesnt this just nullify all melee weapons except for axe in pvp?
Good work lads
P3RCY Says:
RIP PvP as a mage. These changes do not suit the entire player base and simply benefit those who already use cheats, clickers and bugs in the game. The inability to cast whilst using a g-bird feather means mages will be relatively obsolete. A further range damage reduction for mages is nonsense. Forcing weaken proc to cast last without then changing how serums work / the speed at which serums can be used means mages will no longer be able to kill anything or anyone.
BIGRIK86 Says:
Very good changes for the good of the user base. Thumbs up from many guys ????????
Great ! Real positive changes thanks guys good job ????????
Question marks are thumbs up ??
BIGRIK86 Says:
Yeah mate, mine were thumbs
Great changes
AXOM Says:
Really good changes, removes the one hit mages and single skill gbird proc life… the stone and macro swap weps as well… only moans are from people who have blatantly been exploiting and using those tactics… bring back group PvP, communication and shotcalling.
4634 Says:
I reluctantly agree with brownbread
if u wanna fk for funny fk ursekf and keep the money.......