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The anvil has been upgraded

by ISYLVER // 2020/01/19 06:34:36 // 2 comments

King Sajakan speaks : “My wonderful subjects, Well Done!”


“You have collected enough particles now to allow the final stage of energising Pacheon’s anvils!”


“I applaud you one and all!”


“My thaumaturge will now apply the final particles with the required incantations and the anvils’ fires will burn bright again for the first time in 10 centuries!”


King to distraught thaumaturge : “What do you mean it hasn’t worked!?”
“Kick it you fool! Kick it hard!”
“There you are – not much that a good thrashing cannot fix!”


King Sajakan to the people: “My good friends – all is now well and the fires burn with the blue flames of Heaven. The anvils are fully operational and eager to do your biddings. I bid you all, use them freely and wisely!”



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Nice work gms
“It would seem that these anvils are willing to grant that your first two uses on your valued items be blessed. But have a care, they will not aid you thrice!”