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The Quartermaster

by ISYLVER // 2020/02/01 15:38:08 // 3 comments

“So, it’s the arrival of the King’s Quartermaster that all the fuss has been about! And a fine looking fellow he is too! Well-loaded down with a plethora of quality stuff from the King’s own Royal Storehouses”.

When I spoke to him he gave me hundreds of beautiful scrolls, Scrolls of Valour he called them, from the King himself! A scroll for each and every Particle I handed in!”

He is trading all of his wares freely to people in exchange for their Scrolls of Virtue.”

“I have many hundreds of these Scrolls – I intend to think very carefully and not just rush in and trade mine – act in haste, repent at leisure as they say”.” “The good news is that the Quartermaster is is saying that he is here to stay for a long time and he is advising that if you do not have enough Scrolls to trade right now then he says that it is fine to hold on to them and that the King will have need of our services again in due course!”




Visit the Quartermaster in the throne room to collect your valour and reap the rewards!


There will be new ways to get valour in the future.


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bring on the new particles !
TIBI Says:
This is a fantastic addition to the game - though Id have hoped that maybe we could exchange our Valour scrolls for rested pots too as this would be a very welcome addition for those of us who arent capped players.
A great addition, thanks for the hard work.