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Trials of Valour: 7th May in the evening

by ISYLVER // 2021/04/21 18:59:23 // 2 comments

Trials of Valour



7th May in the evening we'll be launching our new mini cap raise. You'll be able to get your character to level 135 as well as gain access to some new weaponry.

Level cap increase

Our new cap will be level 135 and of course with a 250 skill cap in individual weapons and crafts.


New weapons

Get saving your valour, because new weapons will be added to the quartermaster - they're not cheap!


New quests

There's a few new quests to help you on your way - with some nice rewards for the dedicated somarians! 


Other news

We've just added 250+ disassemble recipes that will return materials on your unused items! 


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X Says:
Thank you for your continued work and effort.
Thank you for your continued work and effort.