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Server Update 11/07/2021

by ISYLVER // 2021/07/11 07:58:38 // 7 comments

Bug with corrupted orb of valour

Corrupted orb of valour was using the wrong special for magic attack thus could not be upgraded. If your staff is one of those affected please read this thread.


We are the Champions and Represent your nation quests

As its the Euro final today we've added another champion/corrupted quests for every player level 120 and above! Collect a few items to get a piece of champion or corrupted armour.


Molten Oil drop rates

Molten Oil drop rates have been doubled across the board - super useful for any potion crafters out there.


Damage reduction

Melee and magic damage now reduces over range 2 by 10% per space for PvP only, PvE remains unchanged. 


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3:2 England won
whats the point of the valour bow then, damage reduction more like nerfing the bow so mages get it easy.
4634 Says:
the damage with balour bow made it compete with nega nux -300, and brought balance between mages and warriors please reconsider or at least decrease the % of the nerf
4634 Says:
Also feel this is a major nerf to dex mages using bows or staff
I fail to understand the logic behind this damage reduction to bows. If its to appease the small number of mage PKers that are dying, well thats their own choice for picking Int builds. Do magic casters also have a similar tile-based damage reduction?
Damage reduction Melee damage now reduces over range 2 by 10% per space. worst change ever revert back and @jibba yes they do also -_- its a change no1 wanted yet here it is
I rather have it reverted back to what it was, for both mages and warriors.