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Client Update

by FINITO // 2021/02/04 19:29:20 // 8 comments


  • Re-enable showing of names at Guild Village War


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There goes my chance of sneaking in and regaining the guild village for Rebirth.
TIBI Says:
Great change - shame it took such a long time to rectify.
raven, people like you who kicked off this bad idea about hiding names and then didnt show to gvw for months.. it was a bad implementation that drove alot of people from attending.. good to see it re-enabled, especially when there were people with mod client that was able to bypass it.
Ninenine - never once kicked off as you put it about the removal of names since it had no bearing on me at all. But thanks for your accusation
NINENINE Says: is an example of people moaning about GVW, especially the once that never ever attend.. a collection of post/threads like this lead to the name change.. to try and cater for the idiots who have no interest to attend and yet have a big opinion around messing it up for the rest :)
Was a good thread, plenty of decent discussions regarding gvw, but I never once suggested guild names to be removed, so stay hiding behind the alt character. If you had read that thread it was about the small minority of players that drove plenty of players off this server. Before you come back with some more twisted remarks, I will continue to try see all different view points for the good of this game and this server.
How long till its back online?