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Server update 12/09/2020

by ISYLVER // 2020/09/12 16:11:26 // 8 comments

Molten whelps have now had the amount they drop doubled. This should help you gather materials for those much sought after recipes.


We've started the work for a level 130 cap raise. This does not negate any work on horde mode this is in addition too.


We've been working on creating immunity potions. How these come in game is still very much up for discussion.


Fixed a bug where you could not craft with Kharil Lizard eye.


Guild Tiger added


BMG Recipe added - Magical materials for any mage type, combine it with the finest blue for a wizards delight.


Doubled drop rate on Board, Fire metal, Giant Lizard Nail and Tarkhili Leather


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KEF Says:
Cheers ??
WOLF8 Says:
good to hear.. nice work gms ;)
What is BMG?
BMG = blue mystical gem
Any chance of doubling the drops in the farm :)
whats a guild tiger
@lisa arlene.. i was scared to ask that question.. n1 +1 x
There’s 2 theory’s about the guild tiger, theory 1 that it’s there to aid the owners and attack anyone not in the owners guild during gvw. Theory 2 that it’s to aid the owners when bored due to no pk action so that they have a pussy to stroke and play with. I’ll let you decide which you prefer ;)