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Server Updates

by FINITO // 2022/11/26 22:00:40 // 10 comments

PK Immunity potion duration has been doubled

Valour is dropping again from all monsters that give stats or the highest tier monster

Changes to Free Mode
 - Cannot obtain Valour drops while in free mode
 - Cannot gain PK immunity after two PK deaths while in free mode
 - Can only turn on Free Mode while in town

Horde Changes

Horde has currently been re-scheduled to happen every Saturday and Sunday, once for each of these days for Human and Devil World. Human World Horde start time is 15:00 GMT and Devil World Horde start time is 16:00 GMT. This change is not set in stone and is something we are trying to increase attendance at the event.

Fixed the bug where being teleported back to the middle after a new wave starts would remove you from Horde event.

Valour Shop has been revised
 - Removed lower tier items from the shop, these will instead be moved to Minton's shop in the near future.
 - Revised Valour amount required for the equipment items.
 - Rarity of equipment items is now randomised so there is only 1 set price for a piece of equipment and will randomised between Hardened and Epic rarity.

A /rates command has been added so that you can see what the current server rates are.


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Great updates!
SB99 Says:
Pls remove immunity potions if reintroducing taking 2 deaths
ECCO2K Says:
I think more player feedback should be sought before implementing all of these changes. For example a person who has spent the last month or so collecting valour to build up for an epic weapon can now no longer have the opportunity due to your changes above.
ECCO2K Says:
The PK immunity change is needed in terms of 2 deaths for those who are being griefed to the point they cannot play. But if this change is going in you should remove immunity potions altogether. A much needed change is that if people are immune they should have reduced drops if they are killing a boss immune. Also changes to freemode are a bit difficult because many of us use freemode to tackle erroneous monsters in our spawns whilst not wanting to waste % on them.
something here to benefit everyone.. players who take time to do dailies get a more sensible time for immunity.. players who aint got time can take the 2 and pkers can benefit from that.. and valour dropping.. whats not to like
Great changes… Not sure why we need to double immunity potions and add take two. One of the other works perfectly well.
Nice movements! only one thing, can we have the randomised and no-randomised at the same time or just for a certain while? cos devils havent had conti since last month..
ROCKY1 Says:
Great update gives players a peaceful experience if they choose
The Freemode toggle change is an unfortunate hindrance to legitimate players. Its a significant change. (I totally didnt just run from town to hunting zone forgetting FM was on)
dont like the new freemode change tbh