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Server update 26/11/2020

by ISYLVER // 2020/11/26 11:27:46 // 4 comments

Player Kill Changes


Longer PK Duration

If you're grey, you're grey for longer - if you hit someone its 30 seconds of grey. If you kill someone it will add a minute (up from 30 seconds). 


Devil and Angel Moral changes

Those who like to live life on the risky side in devil moral (human) or angel moral (devil) will experience slower moral gains. So get saving those holy/unholy waters.

Bug fix

Fixed a bug where new tomes were not counting towards tome quests


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Great addition, thanks once again.
DARE Says:
Any incentives for pking? kd gone, immunity time increase, longer pk duration and difficulty in moral change =/
I see immunity potions, but how do we get them?
I believe one of the Halloween words rewarded immunity potions, apparently you have to be in town to click on them to use them and a counter on your screen appears with the timer, not sure on quests or donations for getting these immunity potion as yet sorry