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Launch Date August 31st

by ISYLVER // 2013/08/24 12:22:04 // 0 comments


1) Rested exp

We cater for all, from the hardcore gamers to the casual players we want you to have a good time. This is why if you're stood in town or simply not in game we'll reward you with faster experience and stats the next time you go out hunting.


2) Progressive Stats

Did you hate the grind of gaining con at a low level? 

Great so did we, you can now mix levels and gain con whenever you like and you won't be punished for it.So if you want to go on and train some intelligence or gain a little strength you can do this whenever you like.



3) Rare loot

In the new soma world you can gain rare loots simply by hunting what you like. Could you be one of the very first to find an Epic or intense weapon or perhaps even find a legendary item? Only time will tell.




4) Sacred stone scramble

Compete within the sacred stone scramble for your race! This event occurs once a week and every second you're on the stone you will gain 1 pos point. Keep in mind other players will want your stone too!




5) Duel it out

Our new duel functionality lets you battle your wits against other players.




6) Revamped crafting

No longer do you have to drag and drop your materials just do it once and click produce for all the materials you have in your inventory.


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