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Server Update

by FINITO // 2017/01/27 14:14:54 // 9 comments

Made some changes to server network code to hopefully fix disconnection issues that players have been having recently.


Fixed level difference value in PK message to 20 from 30.


Below changes were already active on the server before the update just letting them be known:


PK Changes:

Changed PK level difference to 20 from 30 and allowed grey and low moral characters to be attacked by anyone.

Characters that attack a grey or low moral character will be flagged into a mode where they can be PKed by anyone at any level.


This is to allow PKers to deal with characters that attack them while grey or low moral that are not within the PK level difference.


The character will be flagged for 1 minute.


The 1 minute will reset each time that character attacks any grey / low moral character and the flag is also removed upon death.

The reason for flagging on a timer is so that other grey / low moral characters can also get involved and attack the character attacking them etc.


Switching Mage Type Fix

Removed the enforcement of 200 magic skill cap. It is not needed and was causing an issue where Blue magic skill would be decreased instead of White or Black magic skill.


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no dc this afternoon/night.. must be working..n1 ;)
Had 1 dc this evening, 10053 again
So does this mean you can gain 100 magic skill in white and black at the same time as having 100 blue?
@MATTY No that is still enforced by your mage type and the fact that the opposing magic skill will decrease still by 1.0 every in-game Soma hour.
the dcing is still happening :(
2 dcs in 2 hours tonight ..crafting , but active selling..... 10053*
dcs seem to be increasing as the days go by ;( ( for me anyway)
i keep on dc/d every time i logged in in hwan map.
i got dced 3-4 times in and hour.. what happen?