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Server and Website Updates

by FINITO // 2017/03/17 23:29:29 // 0 comments

Server Changes:

  • Dramatically increased item quantity restocked for Devil Soma material restocks.
  • Fixed Druidic Cult and Too many Drazil Druids Devil Soma quests not including Infernal Caves Drazil Druid spawn.
  • Fixed Crimson Task Daily Quest not including Conti Crimson Apai spawn.
  • Appended "(Conti)" to "Hunting the Elite" quest that is started by the Madae NPC in Conti because there is another Madae NPC in Hwan Castle.
  • Fixed Unknown Stone to Magic Pouch NPC event script not checking for available inventory slots. Was causing the character to lose 10 stones but not receive a Magic pouch due to no inventory slot being available.


Website Changes:

  • Fixed armory showing the drops of monster spawns that will only spawn if a GM forces them to.
  • Fixed armory showing the locations of monster spawns that will only spawn if a GM forces them to.
  • Forum last post on thread now uses staff colour if the last post was by staff.
  • Changed armory item search to match word at start first then match items containing word. This makes it easier to find some items.
  • Changed armory to only return monster in search results if it has a spawn and it is not a spawn that needs to be forced by GM.
  • Increased armory search results from 7 to 10.


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