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Double Rates Double Drop Day

by ISYLVER // 2017/05/28 17:07:02 // 16 comments

Starting midnight tonight we're giving you the ability to take part in a much needed event. We're giving you double levelling and double stats for 24 hours!


The event will start tonight at 00:00 BST and end one full day later 30/05/17 00:00.


It goes without saying that we expect to see a lot of players in game so due to this we'll be disabling PK for the day so everybody gets a chance to play.


We hope to see you in game!


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As great of an idea this is couldnt have come at a worse time for me lol... bank holiday is busy time for me so will be missing out ??.. But anyway nice to see some stuff being done still and have fun yall.. Ps someone get little old me some items ??
Free 100% rested to much ask ?? ?? Thanks as well ;)
A lot of ppl are on holliday indeed but that dosnt mean i dont apreceate whats happening, and more of these days will happen in future i believe/hope!
Nice! Shame that double pay rate attracts me to work ?? Hf boys! Hope this happens on the regular
Same. I cant get on but thanks gms for looking after us!
awesome :D
JPOT Says:
double rested xp would be lush, i wont be on for most of tomorrow.
Epic! I was gonna get an early night but no work tomorrow so yeah...Look forwards to a very tired Nath!
Duck me I might actually have to log on
SITH Says:
loving it ... hope this wille happen more often in the future :)
X Says:
Just some feedback: Very cool, but simply not long enough. I havent played in a very long time because I felt like things like this were missing that help interconnect users and develop community and new relationships. I would often play and see no other players around which wasnt very encouraging and frequent events like this helps in those scenarios for lots of players...
X Says:
...It was cool to meet and speak to someone random, or maybe even party up with a stranger. These kind of events also give the new / average leveled players a bit of added motivation to take advantage of and will have more players logging-on / returning (at least for a day in this case), while giving the higher level players a greater chance at finding things theyre after.
X Says:
...Its great to see you guys are still working on Soma. You just never know who else is reading these announcements and might pop back on with some friends if stuff like this becomes frequented. ;)
@X Generally very quiet until the later levels which is about a week or two worth of levelling :-)
I ONLY just saw this as it was on the steam greenlight page.... Guess I will just wait to see if it comes to steam or not.