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Shadows of the Cesspool

by GHOSTLORD // 2017/12/13 20:28:50 // 18 comments

Greetings Somarians!

Having a blast during the holiday event? It will only get better from here on out! Today we are releasing a patch with some major changes. Yes, we are increasing the level cap! Some of you thought it would never happen. But it will, it has!


There is a butt load of new stuff that we have in store for you. From balance changes and minor touch ups to major changes. A lot of changes will affect everyone, while others are more influential in either the Human or the Devil world.


Level Cap Raise

Are you lvl 100? Do you feel like you’ve completed the game? This is the patch for you! Because you can now reach level 110. Did you already max out your INT or STR? Fear not, we also have new monster for each race. To make sure each character can reach their full potential we have removed the 214.7 hard caps of DEX and WIS.


The Grand Rework

Those of you who have been on the Public Test Server will know that the devil world will have a major overhaul in its mechanics. A lot of you have wondered why we are doing this. The answer? Because it was badly needed for the sake of the future. Each class has its own perfect ratio for punching and normal hunting. Axers would do it for DEX, archers would do it for STR and swordsman would gain the same stats + INT and WIS while punching. This meant that the strongest swordsman would be one who had never picked up a sword while leveling.


With the new system you get points per level that you can distribute as well as a few bonus points every now and then. This way we can allow you to respec and change your build every once in awhile. It also means we can adjust the points for one or all classes when we see fit, without any major consequences to the game. In the old system we could only balance using either new items or through a server wipe. Which isn’t part of our plan.


Another notable change is the fact that CON now accounts for a greater amount of your maximum HP. CON has also been changed back into Defense and WIS has been changed back into magic defense. We have also added CON and WIS as a requirement for armors.



Myth of Soma Cesspool



PvP Changes

Do you enjoy fighting with other players? Or, maybe you’re going for the guild village? You may notice that you can now use your attack and defensive auras independently. No more waiting on Dodge before firing off your Double Shooting! Can’t wait to test this out? Head out to Pandemonium city and try out the newly located arena. If you are a human you should head over to TyT and visit the brand new arena there!


Those of you who are aggressive outside of town will also notice changes in how the grey system works. For instance you can no longer get rid of grey mode even through death. The timer will now be shorter at first but it will increase each player kill you make up to a maximum of five minutes!


Do you live by the spear? Then you will feel that you have a bit more of a reach as you Double Piercing will now reach twice as far!


Group Hunting

We have noticed that you guys enjoy your guild hunt. You guys will like this particular change…. You can now increase your party size by being more charismatic. Make sure to hunt in a group so you can invite more friends later on! When hunting in a group you will also notice that the UI has had a neat update to correspond with the bigger party size.


This will also be very helpful for those who like to go for bosses across the worlds. Guards have upgraded their intelligence network and now know ahead of time when a boss will arrive. Bosses have also grown smarter though and now know when to come even when the server has been offline!


Another Reason to Invade!

Recently we have added some cross-world quests. Humans were asked to kill some Kharil Lizards and devil were asked to kill some Beast Lord Guardian. You guys had a blast doing this and we had a blast watching you do it.


So we have added more of these quests for you to enjoy! Of course we have also added a bunch of normal dailies too for you guys.


Humans Versus Devils and Guild Village War

We have heard and listened to all you feedback concerning the percent system. The percent is now applied to the damage value instead of attack and defense (F10 stats). This has been changed because the other method caused massive reduction in damage for some classes and big increases in damage for other classes, with the change it is now equal for all.


We have also applied the percent system to healing. This will alter heal amounts and therefore the damage caused by the target having the Zombie spell.


Storage and Inventory

Do you have so much that you lose track of how much Barr you have? We have added thousands separator to Barr amounts. So 100000 Barr would end up looking like 100,000 in English locale.


The storage has also had a quality of life update. For instance it will now sort accessories with other accessories. We’ve also added the ability for people to manage their items with a simple right click.



For the artisans amongst us we have some changes for you too. You may now sell your items much more quickly by selling your items through SHIFT + Right Click. Are you looking to buy from a shop? Why not use the Right mouse button to buy your items! Did you sell an item that you did not want to lose? Fear not! We have been playing with time. The result? Items you sell will be frozen in time and can be bought back.


Human Crafting

Human crafters will feel a bit more magical… Some sorcery at their fingertips. If only the armor crafters could find where the magic is hiding…. Will they find the new recipes?


Devil Crafting

Devil crafters now also include armourers… Those pesky humans won’t stand a chance against proper devil armors! To help the devilish artisans out we have increased their restock amounts.


Shifting Underground

There has been a shift in the underground. The portal to Infernal Caves has been relocated within Pandemonium to be closer to the town. Do you dare to venture into the Infernal Caves? You can find the entrance through a creepy doorway just on the outskirts of town on the east side.


Do you feel heroic and would you rather venture into the light-filled hwan? If you really are that fearless, check out the North West of the Pandemonium map.


The Cesspool

King Vexer has decreed that even the most angelic of devils should have a place to call home. The Cesspool has been made especially for you and can be found in the Infernal Caves.


The Future of Soma

With these changes we are confident that we have secured the future of not just the devil world but the whole of the Myth of soma. It may have taken a while to release this patch but with this new system and these quality of life changes in place we can easily and more quickly add more levels, monsters, bosses and all kinds of content that we still have planned for you guys! Our ideas are endless and we are very grateful for your continued support and playing.


Read the full patch notes



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AP3 Says:
Thank you <3
Nice work! Please make full HP when you die in arena :D or include PVP pots to work
Thanks for keeping this game alive, so awesome.
Alot of work gone into that patch. Well done guys
well done.
DOSH Says:
its ya boy dosh, nice one for the patch cheers
1355 Says:
Pretty good, thanks.
dsoma pk town is looking hype!!!
Be nice if I could log in :(
i dont think many of us fully appreciate the amount of work that this has involved..... Well done gentlemen the huge efforts are appreciated by one and all :D
TIYA Says:
Ty vm ????????
aye well done gms.. very nice
Wooop!!! Amazing work guys!
Thank you so much for the great new content. Loving it!
For those of who didnt play test - details of new mobs and if they have any stat bonus etc pls
Absolutely amazing!!!
Amazing work! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!