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Server Update

by FINITO // 2017/12/15 06:47:58 // 5 comments

Fixed reported aura issues (not casting correctly, being removed at the wrong time, etc...).

Fixed mana issues.

Fixed server event times (daylight saving was enabled).

Fixed client spamming server with aura cast requests.

Fixed client crash when hovering over party member on map UI.

Add arena as safe area so can gain rested and instantly logout.


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Thanks, know a few including me where getting frustrated at aura and mana haha
Thanks for the fast response!
:D thankyou
My soma window is flickering at the bottom of the screen only seems to b when Im on soma any ideas?
BL00D_SHOT Says:
Hi Finito, good work on the patch and looking to fix bugs but it seems the auras are still an issue, especially 5th axe. I use bow and find I have to keep recasting 1st for my 4th to work otherwise my 4th just never CDs without it...? Cheers