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Server Update

by FINITO // 2018/03/02 11:43:00 // 3 comments

Add PK immunity after being PKed a few times. When PKed twice within 2 hours immunity from PK is given for 30 minutes. The immunity is removed if you attack another character or heal a gray character and then cannot gain immunity for 30minutes. It only applies to PK so RvR and events are excluded.


Opposing race in other race maps will now be moved to main town when using revive (It will still use the revive rules).


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162 Says:
Great work, maybe you could sell a potion in the donation shop for PK immunity for like 6/12/24 hours too?
Good idea 162! Make them 1million barr each.
not found of this update tbf ruined RvR fun when humans raid conti