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Client and Server Update.

by FINITO // 2018/05/27 17:56:10 // 1 comments

Fixed item tooltip in some UI not showing max random value and percentage for some item special types.


Fixed impassable tiles around CTF flag. Can now move around the flag.


Fixed CTF slow aura being removed when switching weapon.


Changed item upgrade that add to both min and max value for item special to only add to max if max was already > 0. This prevents the issue wher upgrading say a +3 stat item to +4 and getting the output +4~1 with the fix it will now result in +4.


Fixed Agility Necklace and Resilience Necklace they now have the intended min and max +stat range and upgrade correctly when using DT and RDT.


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PK meant to be back on? :( Thanks for the good work Fin.