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Aura tweaks

by ISYLVER // 2018/05/28 07:58:40 // 5 comments

Blow auras (1st) now give +8 damage instead of the original 5.

Second sword aura (Hp regen) Will now recover 8 damage instead of the original 4.

Happy hunting!


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Good work, nice to see some of the pretty much redundant auras being improved. Any thoughts on any improvements to any of the knuckle auras, Im thinking 5th. Hitting 5 targets at the same time is pretty useless apart from rare PVE situations that you have to try and set up, even then its of little gain. Maybe 5th could be more like 5th sword, 3 targets with some nice damage?
nice work gms... thx for the event and new accessories x
ARYA_ Says:
nixher knuckle auras are the best in game for mob hunting, the only aura knuckle needs a buff on is 4th this needs to do more att then bow 4th tbh.
regen on 4th knux is way better though
Mob hunting is only half the game, all auras should be aimed towards both pvp and pve