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Heal tweaks and Poison

by ISYLVER // 2014/02/12 07:44:47 // 8 comments

We have reverted the old heal style calculation back into play. However, if a player is poisoned or weakened they will only be healed for half the amount. So carry your antidotes and blue serums.


We have plans to reduce the range of heal in party mode from 8 to 6 in the near future.


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thank you isylver good work :D
I like the new poison change, makes it more useful now :)
Could do with making cure a triple cast and changeing poisen to scale dmg depending on int As the current change you would just dedicate 1 person to cure
Also think a good fix would be to adding the half heal that weaken courses to the stone, allowing low lvls still range to heal and be involved in wars
Great work! I also agree with Relina that changing cure instead of range might be key to balancing things
Great change, make use of a somewhat redundant spell, does this mean that its 50% for either?, is it possible for them to stack? Perhaps an idea would be 50% reduction for one and 75 if both are active on a target
NITE Says:
I agree with this Could do with making cure a triple cast
Good change in the right direction, as Luther/Rehlina suggested we should also look into cure, very fast cast quick spell with range 6 without even being in a party. The poison change is already easily negated by having someone spam cure on the target (Which there already is one or even two people doing on stone)