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Competition time: Share the love

by ISYLVER // 2014/02/16 16:05:31 // 6 comments

It's time to share the love for soma by telling your friends, family or just complete strangers about our awesome little game. To enter the competition it's simple... Just get the word out and advertise soma. You can post it on a forum, get it in the paper, make a video, shout it at a nightclub, make a vine.. do whatever you feel like. We of course - just need to see proof of the advert/entry.


The prize

There will be two lucky winners and each of them will win a fortune pouch. The winners will be handpicked by myself and Ghostlord (Who knows if we're feeling generous we might add some extra bonus prizes).



To enter create an advert for soma and provide a link to your entry in the comments below making sure you mention your name somewhere in the entry.

Competition entries close on Friday 28th February.


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WER Says:
so for simple folk its best advertisement wins?
Yep Ill add that in.
X Says:
Whatever happened to pink male Banded? :}
to bad i don`t rec soma any more i would gave go :P
Im going to get tattooed on my arse, keep an eye out for the streaker at Sochi 2014
S0S Says:
reminds me of when i did this