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Server updates 2014-02-18

by ISYLVER // 2014/02/18 20:38:15 // 8 comments


Skin changes

Beast lord guardian, Evolved Beast, Kelvar, Kolvar, Lich lord and nightmare have had some subtle skin changes.


Continental Army changes

You will no longer be able to gain stats from an opposing races monsters.


Dsoma deliveries

Delivery guards will attempt to deliver to Lamatra let's hope no thieves stop the delivery.


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VOZ Says:
Woo, Humans arent op ... :D
Nice change I know skin changes are small but think they are important
Good updates. Skin changes are always refreshing. How about a wbm change :p
I agree war beast miner and drazil Druid could use a new skin :) these are great though excellent work nice change of scenery punching abs
DR3AD Says:
nice work, guys :)
LEO Says:
GM We cant hunt Chinese playersGame too card we have a good speed is too card cant LianJi
LEO Says:
GM Hope to see your message just go quickly solve Chinese players a lot shall be the card cant LianJi)
LEO Says:
Our links too bad what GM cant LianJi)