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Server updates 2014-07-12

by ISYLVER // 2014/07/12 17:50:30 // 15 comments

We've listened to your feedback and we're now working on improving pvp for dsoma. To do this effectively we have added two new monsters. This should allow axers and strength users to reach their potential at level 100.

Alongside these new monsters there are a couple of new accessories to find.


Hsoma fear no more. We've racked our brains regarding the PVP balance and we'll be addressing it further shortly.

However, in this update we have taken the following positive steps.

  • Min damage is now 6-12 regardless of level
  • We've tweaked the speed of a few monsters towards beginner levels based on a very difficult algorithm. In layman's terms beginner mobs got more of a bonus then mid tier. I.e. Hoarde Shanis got a 4% speed bonus where as raptors gained a 32% speed increase.

These changes will not effect any characters that have passed these monsters they will only assist newer players or those who do not have as much time.




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SAM Says:
the new algorithm effect all stats including dex and con? Very nice update, Thanks
DR3AD Says:
does that mean shanis are even faster for stats now o.0
@dread Same exp to stat ratio will just take 4% less time. @Sam: Yes
DR3AD Says:
@isylver thats what I meant, thanks ;D
Is this just shanis or are palus etc also faster ?
Amazing work Sylv / Fin ;o @goolies all monsters are.
Nice work
Bit confused by what you mean when you say youve tweaked the speed of mobs? Whats speed? Good job with the update regardless. I may jump on again sometime soon :)
From what I gather its the speed you gain stats from the mobs. So it now scales to help low/mid levels catch the higher levels faster. For instance raptors will now give stats 32% faster than they did before but hoarde shanis are only 4% faster than before. Im curious if this works with con also? For example, would I get faster con punching trolls or mess/ban as opposed to palus or shanis? Obviously excluding dex difference.
DR3AD Says:
Con is the same as weaps skill, based on amount of hits, not on % gained
Aware of con mechanics however on here rested works for con, thats why I asked. Isylver cleared it up ingame though.
Brilliant work, glad to see dsoma getting some love! I know one step at a time but are mages involved in the change too or is it primarily str changes for axe/sword/spear? Thanks in advance!
SKATT420 Says:
is this all mobs or just the popular ones?
The 12dmg is a little bit extreme.
Can the increase be removed from Brics please? Not fair for people who want to get good level of con, aswell as that spider and wolves are hardly any difference to them and at that stage Brics give a good increase at beginner stats