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Rise of the fallen

by ISYLVER // 2014/07/27 19:54:08 // 4 comments

Dsoma mages rejoice. A new monster has been spotted in Infernal Caves. This monster will be difficult and not for the weak.

Also note that with the addition of this monster drazil druid have had a 5% boost with each boss also having a better chance of dropping the infamous legendary.


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YU_GI_OH Says:
I like the picture on the front page, any chance we can add those pics to this bit for once you click to read more about the update? Not important but I just like the pics lol.
Is the minimum damage from magic monsters now server-wide? I cant out-heal the damage from EGF anymore, despite them (before patch) doing 1 dmg.
seems server wide, GS also seem to do 4~15+ a hit min dmg