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Update on Client and Server Issues

by FINITO // 2016/06/05 14:10:25 // 0 comments

Players with Windows XP

Windows XP Service Pack 3 is a requirement (and has been in the past just making it explicit).

Information on how to can be found here:


Players with Windows 7

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is now a requirement. You will have to download and install the SP1 update.


Information on how to can be found here:


Missing DLL error or client crash on launch

The client has since been patched to include the required dll files. If you are having trouble running the launcher and cannot update the client then please download the client installer again from: and reinstall the client, it will ask to uninstall the client already installed do that and then install the updated client.


Running multiple clients
This is currently no longer supported via the launcher. Shortcuts to SomaWindow.exe or SomaFull.exe will have to be made for additional clients.

Set the target path as "C:\Myth of Soma\SomaWindow.exe" or "C:\Myth of Soma\SomaFull.exe"


Launcher update issues

If the launcher stays on downloading SomaDevLauncher-ver4.bin or SomadevLauncherUpdate.exe crash.


Check that your Anti Virus software is not detecting SomaDevLauncherUpdate.exe as a false positive.

  • SomaDevLauncherUpdate.exe is missing within client install folder.
  • Add it to exclusions and report to AV software as false positive if possible.


Work around (Manual updating of launcher):

  • Rename SomaDevLauncher-ver4.bin to SomaDevLauncher.exe within "C:\Myth of Soma\launcher" and copy it to client install folder replacing the existing SomaDevLauncher.exe file (C:\Myth of Soma\").
  • Open launcher.ver in a text editor and change 3 to 4.


Window client colours look wrong (Not changing to 16bit)

This no longer can be auto changed for Windows 8+.

  • Open properties for SomaWindow.exe
  • Goto compatibility tab
  • Under settings group check the Reduced colour mode checkbox.
  • Select 16-bit (65536) colour from the dropdown.


Coming soon Server crash has been fixed and Client installer has been updated.

Server crash fix.

  • Currently running an old version of the server so that it stays online. As a side effect of this will have to force close the client to logout because the old version does not have the server side logout delay.


I will start work soon on an up-to-date client installer. It is long overdue and will fix the issues mentioned above.

  • A check if you have Windows 7 SP1 if running Windows 7.
  • Automatically install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.
  • Have the updated launcher.
  • Have the latest client patch.


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